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  1. Great wee day. Took my daughter and the rest of our st Mirren girls academy squad and they were mascots and ball girls. Great day, good result
  2. I think because we only have one game plan teams have found us out. ah well, was nice while it lasted lol
  3. Yup, it seems that the fakes aren’t streaming the game to their plethora of overseas fans, so assume it’s just not on. Which is shite
  4. I was never one to slate Main tbh, and he’s came on bounds since SR took over; one of the early good points. As for my thoughts on SR, I said a few weeks back I didn’t think he was the right man & hope he proves me wrong. If/when we pick up some more points against teams we should be looking to compete with… if we do this, then I’ll be back on this thread, eating humble pie for sure. in the meantime, there’s been a marked improvement - not just in results but performance too. So, see you, hopefully in a few weeks with a big ‘I’m sorry I was wrong’ 😂
  5. Hard to see a win today, or at all… but I’ll go in blind faith and maybe we can pull something out the bag and kick start our season….. most like be on here at 5 though, moaning about formation and my usual groans 😂
  6. Ok, we weren’t as bad as I expected and thought manager got most things right. Though, ain’t gonna get many games easier than that one… see what happens, onward we go. positives; Ayunga was better than I’ve seen him, Strain looks no bad and Errahon is looking sharp. negatives: too many long balls and no cutting edge & didn’t make the most of having wee Jay on the park
  7. The very small amount of the dire game I seen, yes, the fakes look pretty bad. All down to us now today…. Usually I’d make a prediction but I’m honestly not really sure as I can’t fathom the starting 11 or what formation etc as we’ve been a bit all over with this during cup run. so, going into this with an open mind and hoping for a strong start. Coys
  8. Slightly off topic, but decided to watch some of the 3pm kick offs today on the auld dodgy tv stick…. stopped on the county v hearts game, County to their credit looked to have pushed on as a club and look a real attacking threat. Making hearts look pretty poor (maybe they are). Hoping SR has identified his best 11 and a formation to boot… we need to start strongly against a poor Motherwell. im gonna try stay optimistic….
  9. Congrats - amazing news! Well done to her. 100%, would be good to see more coverage of the woman’s game IMO
  10. My wee girl plays in the academy and hope one day she will make the top squad. fills me with pride every Sunday when she pulls on her saints top.
  11. BBC sportsound has us favourite to be relegated & rightly so. I don’t think SR knows his best 11 or where to play them. I hope when the league campaign kicks off he proves me wrong
  12. At best - I predict play off spot, obviously hoping that there’s one more team with a manager capable of making worse decisions & with less ability to adapt than ours does (kinda unlikely though)
  13. Having time to think about it, sadly I didn’t expect us to win last night - which is a bad sign against a part time lower league team. This is a sign of the rapid decline we had since SR took over. Top 6? Nah, a play off place is a win for us at this point and time & I’d settle for this if we persist with the current management team.
  14. To add balance to my last post. I don’t think SR is purposely getting every decision wrong…. He just… is He needs to look at the players we have - the nucleus of the team we had last year, look at what they done well and use that as a template coz whatever he’s trying just now is not working and will see us rooted bottom early doors and struggling from there on. I hope he can make the right calls and soon - otherwise it’s curtains for him and most likely, our stay in the top league.
  15. I worked them too hard in training plastic pitch and heat. judge us in 10 games (this is my favourite).
  16. If we got someone in who could revert back to the formation we used to play - and sought out a Ronan/McGrath type, we could be ok. but we need to have the balls to just cut ties. The guy is an imposter. He’s taken everything no bad about us and made it a shit show. Now going into season heads will be down and defeated. What an utter failure and worse. He doesn’t know when to admit he’s wrong and play the best way for the team and not his one and only way! im baffled at the whole thing. I can’t understand how someone can consistently get every decision wrong…
  17. Tommy Craig in disguise? Big long balls to no one. Have a season ticket and will pick and choose games, we will be relegated this year.
  18. I wonder what he will say this week? Worked the boys too hard in training and they were tired? We shouldn’t judge to 10 games into the season?
  19. We are an utter shambles SR is clueless - utterly clueless
  20. Sadly, this is very accurate. SR fills me with 0 confidence that he knows how to build a squad. Given how poor we’ve been since he took over - I don’t hold out much hope for the season ahead.
  21. Judge us in 10 games time? SR fills me with 0 confidence that he’s got what it takes to build us a squad. id love to be sitting here in a few weeks thinking we’ve turned a corner but in reality, so far, he’s weakened us & we weren’t great to begin with.
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