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  1. He has the ability but confidence as you say is an issue and doesn’t always seem to give it 100%. In truth, I don’t see him becoming a regular starter for us due to the above.
  2. From what I understand, he’s amongst the highest earners. At least he was when he signed. I base this on him and his family being friends of a friend. I still think he offers something - just not consistent enough, which is the issue. Nice to see the young lad getting a start. The academy system has delivered a few gems over the years. Let’s hope he’s another...
  3. Looking forward to the game now that works done. Quite enjoy the mid week matches. 2-1 saints is my prediction. COYS
  4. I don’t rate him but his performance at Well was his best for us. Even with a depleted squad I reckon we can win this. I agree with most, an ugly and tasty affair. Just hope to leave with points and Importantly - no more injuries.
  5. Apparently a tweet from our former manager. Someone’s happy at the result yesterday. IMO we need to move on, play to finish top of the bottom pile and attempt a cup run.
  6. Know what, fair enough to St J, they have done what we couldn’t - done the job. im not gonna be bitter, just scunnered and disappointed it’s not us. We need to atleast see the season out positively. Maybe make a stab at the cup.
  7. Help! Question for a friend 😬 my friend has IPTV and the only Scottish team channel that isn’t on his/her iptv is Hamilton tv. Will this ‘friend’ be able to view the today’s game on saints Tv via IPTv?
  8. Yea I’ve heard this all week. Seems they expect us to fall today and for the Fakes to leapfrog us. Leyte hope we can prove them all wrong.
  9. Watched JG’s pre match interview. I wonder if at the end of the season he could be touted for ‘a bigger’ job. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up at the dons.... maybe worth a punt.
  10. I’ll certainly have an eye on the St J game as well as our own!
  11. Will Kristian Dennis be available? The team we played against Celtic would be the ideal team for this game. Lots of pace. If KD is not fit, then Quaner up front would be my option. It’s in our hands COYS
  12. I agree... and to be honest, I wrote him off. Still not convinced - however - plaudits for his performance Today!
  13. He’s actually won a lot of balls today and looked ok. But still doesn’t look like scoring which is a pity!
  14. I’ve seen nothing from Erwin to suggest he’s gonnae start scoring, I’m afraid. His touch is awful & seems a yard off pace on every game.
  15. Usually optimistic but we’ve lost or shooting boots. 0-0.
  16. 3 points tonight will be a nice cushion over Utd and a real confidence booster. ‘well have a few missing players too, so should be a balanced game. predicting a slender 1 goal victory!
  17. We’ve been pretty in lucky with injuries which hasn’t helped us in that respect. Will McGrath be risked or not? He’s integral to how we play. Also Colin Quaner - could he be available to make a difference?
  18. Erwin for Connolly should have happened 10/15 before it did. We needed someone with pace to patch in to knock ons... instead we had Erwin taking a touch and losing the ball. Once even losing it final 3rd on the attack and almost resulting in a goal conceded. Baffling.
  19. Erwins like a man down. Hate speaking down on our players but he’s very poor.
  20. Must be the first season in history that Hamilton have consistently matched every other team in the league in terms of attendance 🤔
  21. If Flynn is fit it would be a huge boost for the us going into the game. We need to find out shooting boots again, I’d play McAlister behind Obika. 3 points Wednesday would be huge. It separates us further from the bottom 6 and sets down a marker! Beating the teams below us is the key.
  22. He’s a good player but not irreplaceable. Cammy came on Saturday and had one of his better performances, actually arguably played better that JDH... if he can do this consistently then I’m not worried about losing JDH. Jamie McGrath is a bigger loss in the current climate than JDH. let’s hope Flynn is ok for tomorrow.
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