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  1. Looks like a very narrow midfield, don't have much faith in McGinn or Foley being able to get side to side to support the full backs.
  2. I'd be very concerned if we don't bring in a centre half, especially with MacKenzies injury history and unwillingness to play on synthetic surfaces. Couple with Baird being a rotation player at best.
  3. Out the league Cup before our last game in this group is an embarrasment. Just reinforces what everyone knows, that the vast majority of the squad aren't good enough for the top flight. Both our strikers missing penalties as well, minter.
  4. Early days, but the fact that the it's mainly guys that played last season is a worry. Especially its the same problems of a midfield disappearing and a defence forgetting why they are there.
  5. I'm surprised that so many people seem to think Scott is the problem. I wouldn't call him trigger happy because he's got rid of poor managers. Rae and Stubbs definitely fall into that category, and Kearney is on the cusp. Every manager we've had under Scott, bar Rae, has been allowed to sign close to entirely new squad, hardly a poisonous act. MacPhersons appointment appears to have worked with our January signings, and it's vital that we have someone at the club with the oversight and knowledge of transfer dealings. Along with another pair of eyes to scout opposition and players. He got it wrong with Stubbs, quickly made a change to fix that, and although I don't think Kearney is the right choice, plenty of fans do, but our overall form and performances under him is enough to get rid of him, even without any other background drama.
  6. Kearney's position should have been utter threat even without all the talk of backroom falling out. The majority of the season we were utterly awful, and our run towards the end wasn't full of massively convincing performances. We survived on penalty kicks. With an awful Hamilton team finishing above us and generally having the better of us. For me, he just didn't show enough tactical or man management skills to consistently get the team looking competitive on the park. It's bizarre that Kearney didn't have a replacement for Rice or Nicol lined up for the end of the season, when one had gone, and he must have known the other was gone as well. That suggests that there's been some uncertainty for some time. Scott doesn't have a great record with picking managers, but he's backed every single one that he's had in terms of bringing in players. Only Alex Rae hasn't been allowed to sign an entire new squad, and that's because he was already in place and unwanted. The ideal situation is Coleraine or another Irish team give us some compensation for Kearney and we move in a different direction.
  7. People are overly harsh on Heaton, very few people would turn down a higher wage and the chance to play at a higher level. Not his fault the board sanctioned the fee for him either.
  8. If Tony wasn't a St. Mirren man, he wouldn't still be in his current role. His positivity is better suited to a club ambassador role rather than actually trying to run the club.
  9. McGinn doesn't have the legs to play attacking, if he's playing that role you have to put him behind the striker as he can't drive forward, not does he track back well. He does have decent ball retention even if he dwells on it for far too long, especially against teams that press us high. I'd be completely fine with playing McAllister as part of the three in a 5-2-3, let him drift about the game. Even then that's a luxury that a team he's struggled for points all season can afford never mind adding in another.
  10. Focusing on the last 6-8 games everything I've said is true. The previous 28-26 I'd have said we've appointed someone who has no idea in how to organise a team to get results. Tactically naive, and has no idea how to get the most out of limited players, even if it means shit festing games to get a point. Kearney was utter shite for the majority of this season, to the extent he was totally out his depth, even if his predecessor was worse.
  11. I'd struggle to agree with anyone who thinks we've actually setup well against anyone. We look out of sorts even in the games we've won, toiling for large periods in games with only ourselves to blame. Kearney is too stuck on the rigid 5-4-1 formation. Even if one is supposed to play off the striker. The personal used are far too static for the tactic, and the constant use of playing out from the back to shell the ball forward towards a small lone striker instead of into the channels has caused us all sorts of grief. We actually look alright when we up the tempo, against Accies Flynn actually came on and carried the ball forward to create. Kearney needs to stop playing Lyons and McAllister together, because they drift out of games for far too long tell McGinn to stay deep, he's fine as a ball player but he's so static that any passes in attack are side to side as teams sit in. Play a bigger striker to feed off if we are continuing to play though the centre backs, as their passing is crap. Give us the chance of a second ball. Our pressing is non existent for the majority of games, probably because our players aren't athletic enough to take turns pressing the opposition relentlessly throughout the game, to force mistakes in the opposition area. I've still not seen anything from Kearney from a tactical standpoint that's impressive.
  12. Awful. We continue to be out our depth. Big changes needed at halftime, never mind for next season.
  13. Been utter dire. Mullen and Jackson haven't been involved, and our midfield has faded since they went down to 10 men. Leaving MacKenzie on after the head knock is massively irresponsible from our management and our medical staff. There's absolutely no need to risk a player when it's such an obvious blow to the head.
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