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  1. Plenty of the personal abuse, calling anyone a Sevco fan, disgusting. 1 point from 9 against Accies suggests that they are better than us. The fact we are 4 points behind them backs that up. Accies had two shots cleared off the line. We failed to hit the target with our two clear chances. Expected goals for and against, would have Hamilton winning that game today, and they weren't good. Yet we showed little ambition in winning that game. Today was two points dropped. If we won we'd have put actual pressure on Hamilton, instead of expecting a 5 point swing over the next 5 games when we've not shown that sort of form the entire season. If people are happy accepting mediocrity go ahead. I'll always call us out for underperformance. Just because we're a small club doesn't mean we have to act like one.
  2. So much better it was 0-0? Over the course of the game Accies somehow created the better chances despite being garbage. It's worrying when a draw is considered a good result, and that performance is anything other than poor. 1 from 9 against Hamilton says it all
  3. Nothing today suggested that we're capable of beating Accies post split. You can miss those sort of chances, and also give up those chances.
  4. Settling for a point is incredibly disappointing. Pretty much means we're fighting for the playoff spot. Worrying how long it took for Kearney to take off Jackson and Lyons who were garbage. Definitely rode our luck with the two shots we cleared off the line. Flynn and Hdlaky both played well again.
  5. f**king awful. Three players no pressure on the ball. Easy ball in clipped in off the post
  6. He's had a chance on either foot and proceeded to do nothing then hit the tamest shot no where near the goal. I'd take Jackson and Lyons off. Just not offering a lot
  7. Brad Lyons is not good at football. Two clear chances he's missed
  8. Kearney's team tonight will only be proven right or wrong dependent on the result on Saturday. Anything other than a win, something we've failed to get against Accies this season, points towards 'why'? There's no free passes when your in a relegation battle, even Dundee held them to the 90 odd minute. This Celtic team isn't special, most their squad played on Sunday and two games in the international break. To say our players are tired is pathetic. Tactically I thought we were shit. A total inability to get the ball to our players in the Celtic half, or hold any sort of possession. We let their full backs push far too high and overload either side of defence, and playing Ferdinand forced our defence to play on the edge of our box the entire night. We left our two centre forwards isolated, with a limited and immobile midfield. We just invited Celtic to play in our half. Remember when Ross set us up to let the Celtic back two and Brown have the ball, as they are awful at playing out with it? There was nothing close to that thinking tonight. It was total shitfest pack the box effort. That was damage limitation from the first whistle. The sort of thing you'd have expected when Kearney was first appointed.
  9. Should we just put Hdlaky in the hall of fame now, after Samson got in?
  10. The front two have been taken out the game by the midfield being completely unable to pass to anyone or into any space that's not a Celtic player. Cooke has dropped into midfield which is needless. Kellerman like the other two in midfield look out their depth, although McGinn occasionally has a nice touch, he's far far too slow for this level, especially in a game like this.
  11. Great penalty save from Hdlaky. The lift we needed. Stupid handball by Kellerman
  12. Not giving Nazon or Cooke a chance of holding up the ball. Our midfield is pretty much playing amongst our defence just now.
  13. Hldaky has to hold the first shot, even though he probably shouldn't have been able to save it. The midfield can't just allow Celtic to overload the opposite wing.
  14. Cut apart far too easily there. Ball into between two centre halves and McPherson not tracking his man
  15. I really don't think we're in the position not to attempt to keep momentum going by keeping the lineup as similar as possible from the weekend. Never mind a proper pasting takes away the small advantage that we currently have in our goal difference. Ferdinand up against the pace of Burke and Weah give me the fear.
  16. Pretty unimpressed by that lineup, I'd be seething if I paid £27 for that team. No game at this point is a free hit, and that midfield gives me no confidence that we're going to be putting up much a fight. Back to front, constantly under pressure
  17. Wow. Didn't expect the first update to be a Dundee goal.
  18. Don't think you can say much after that, that hasn't been said after every game. We are out our depth in this league. There's been zero improvement since last season. If we even flucked our way into the playoff spot, we'd definitely be the underdogs. It'll be another summer of a full squad turnover.
  19. Time to see if we do have any appetite for the fight or if we're going to continue rolling over at the first sign of a challenge.
  20. That penalty is awful. We can't afford to be missing chances like that.
  21. Any reason why Nazon didn't start? Despite him being the only player we've had this season that's managed to hold the ball in an attacking position?
  22. Not too sure how I feel about this along with Potter being included. Samson done well for us, without ever being the reason for putting us up a level. Samson is the very definition of alright for a goalkeeper. I don't think a penalty save in a semi final pushes you into what is the elite of the club. It all feels a bit tinpot just putting in players that won something. Rather than guys that made a proper impact at the club in increasing the standard we played. Hall of fame players should be noticeable for being consistently outstanding, being the force behind delivering the club a major honour or being an outstanding servant to the club. I'd give an allowance to cult heroes but even they need to have properly delivered. Edit to add in 20 years time, I very much doubt I'll be speaking about Samson. He just doesn't tick the boxes for me. Another edit to add, it's ridiculous to add someone who's actually played this season to the hall of fame. Never mind quitting mid season.
  23. We've settled for a point here. Even with the conditions we've been awful
  24. It was a clear red card and worth a suspension. No idea why we are appealing it, but with the way the panels worked this season I've no idea. I like a good trial by sportscene. Players should get penalised for being reckless and for professional fouls, especially if the correct action hasn't been taken on the field.
  25. Updated to not capable...
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