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  1. Unreal yesterday, tremendous performance, we executed that game plan superbly, after the 1st 10 minutes yesterday I knew we had a chance. Can be no doubts over the gaffer now, brilliant. Im absolutely hanging today 🤢🤮
  2. Calling anyone King in this day and age is absolutely embarrassing.
  3. Black arm bands and a minutes silence is more than sufficient. Get the football on.
  4. God save the king? Away!!!! 😅
  5. Yip iit’s good price mate. Let’s hope Strain is fit as Henderson is a weak link and the 2nd goal proved that yesterday, it’s no coincidence Goodwin rarely started him and either has Robinson, he’s a feather duster that can’t do the basics like tackle or track a man.
  6. Yip I agree mate but if we are sticking with the wing backs then Tanser has to start. I would of started Kiltie and Gogic yesterday as well as they were brilliant against them in Perth at the end of the season, I’m not the manager though. I think we might see the team freshened up against hearts with a few changes.
  7. Moving forward if Tanser is fit then he starts for me As Tait is ok a stop gap but he doesn’t have the legs for the wing back position and it showed yesterday.
  8. Exactly my take on the game. We were the better team but looked slightly flat and short of ideas. We move on.
  9. Hate to tell you but Kiltie is going to either Kilmarnock or St Johnstone on loan, both are trying to land him before the window closes, it won’t be Livingston. Bad move.
  10. McDonald is done and McNulty is absolutely woeful. Thankfully the days of scraping the barrel with players like that look to be over.
  11. Can’t disagree with any of that mate, he was a brilliant manager for us. Had a bad start with us but I could see what he was trying to do and I always had a feeling he would turn it around. I was devastated when he left for Sunderland but that’s life changing money for him and his family.
  12. No reason why we can’t win this game, keep Boyle quiet and I fancy us. A good buzz about the place just now
  13. Baccus is the complete player mate, can shoot, pass and tackle and can run all day, the complete midfielder.
  14. Just home, that was superb and the complete performance. Everyone was superb but special mention to Baccus who is on another level, I reckon we will be getting bids for him in January, get him on a longer contract and we could make a some serious money off him. Special mention to Robinson, he deserves huge credit, we have been brilliant the past few weeks other than the loss to Aberdeen with 10 men. He has recruited excellently and the standard of player has went up since Goodwin left. Gogic to come back on Monday too Time for a Moretti.
  15. Was hoping Levitt would miss out but he is back for this game I see, cracking player. They will be up for this so we need to be right at it from the start.
  16. No he won’t, he’ll cover for there though. Wait 4 it!!!
  17. JJ McG

    Alex Gogic

    He’s home, signed and sealed.
  18. JJ McG

    Alex Gogic

    Wait 4 it!!!!
  19. Brilliant signing for Arbroath, hope he does well for them.
  20. No idea mate, just seen a few people post it on Twitter. Might be a lot of shite but its still pritty funny. ASOS Ancelotti
  21. We were excellent the same as we were against Motherwell but we got our rewards today. Nobody could of complained had that of been 3 or 4 nil. Dunne was superb, swept up everything and covered for big Joe a couple of times. Kiktie, baccus and Erhahon were all class, Erhahon is like a man reborn under Robinson. Big Ayunga was a handful all day, wins headers constantly and his link up play is excellent, he deserved a goal. A brilliant 3 points.
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