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  1. Spittal would be a brilliant signing, Motherwell are in for him though.
  2. I think he will be a brilliant appointment.
  3. Letting shaunghessy go………….away!!!! 😂
  4. Too much sense getting spoken here mate.
  5. You are having a f**king laugh surely 🤣 How many has Main got this season and how many good games has he had? Brophy got zero service before and found himself always dropping deep to collect the ball because of this, we literally created f**k all and now all of a sudden you want him released because we have been creating more chances these last couple of games that he has been out injured in, away!!! 😂
  6. Greg Kiltie is streets ahead of that bluffer McGrath.
  7. We need to get Greg Kiltie on a new deal, what a difference he makes to the team in his favoured position, he would be a nightmare to play against.
  8. That’s him mate, I think his contract is up at Norwich too?
  9. We were linked with that young midfielder at Inverness a few weeks back, think Robinson brought him through at Motherwell? Exciting season ahead I think with Lasley and Martin Foyle coming in as well.
  10. They have been on a decent run lately so stop talking pish.
  11. 2-0 didn’t flatter us, we were superb, the tide is turning x
  12. I see we are getting linked with Jamie Walker who is on loan at Bradford from Hearts.
  13. Tells me the new gaffer doesn’t rate Fraser but I knew that as soon as he dropped him 1st game. I think Robinson will build a decent squad, excited.
  14. We have made a bid for him.
  15. Lazy lazy with a stinking attitude. Won’t reach anywhere near the levels of McLean or McGinn due to attitude, he wasn’t a 1st choice pick under Goodwin for a reason.
  16. Not much difference between us and Motherwell in size though mate.
  17. It’s alll about getting over the line and I honestly didn’t think we would win another league game after he slated the players after the well game, they deserved it but it’s a risky tactic with soo many players out of contract and us not mathematically safe. Now we are as good as safe i actually think Robinson will build a decent team for next season.
  18. Never seen that coming. Huge. Kiltie boy!!!!
  19. Big call dropping power, good to see that empty shirt Erhahon benched. Tait will get roasted at full back, legs are completely gone and other teams pinpoint this before a ball is even kicked.
  20. We need to create chances for strikers to score goals, the likes of Brophy gets zero service hence why he has to drop so deep to look for the ball. Creativity middle to front is non existent.
  21. Quite sure these players that we have signed on pre contracts will have get out clauses if we get relegated.
  22. Not a chance we are winning this game in Perth, too many bluffers in the squad. 2-0 St Johnstone.
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