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  1. You're talking to yourself now, he's gone, discussion over, no one else allowed to reply 'cause he's left the conversation.
  2. Is anyone else allowed a view or is this just finished now because antrin says so like the kid who picks up his ball and goes home? Clearly wasn't finished either since he saw the next reply and answered it LOL
  3. Did anyone else spot what i thought was a nailed on penalty for us 2nd half when I think it was Mullen was running through their box looking for a cutback and their defenders was basically cuddling him for want of better explanation for about 6 or 7 steps. From directly behind in Main stand it looked a cert. It was like he was trying to run with a big tangerine rucksack. I though me and the fellow beside me were going to lose a lung bawling about it. Our main side assistant was as bad as Beaton. Gave us absolutely nothing and the first foul we did get right in front of him he reacted to Beaton whistling and slowly raised his flag to pretend. Total howler also when he just assumed a ball was going dead flagged for goalkick early and then just brazened it out when Mullen got the sole of his boot to it and stopped it well before going out. Between them they allowed Utd players to plough through the back of our forwards time after time to the point that they probably thought just outright taking them out the game like MacKenzie was fine for them to do. Connelly's first move every high ball was a shove into the back of his forward. Crowd were magnificent. Pressure and edginess meant a little bit quiet and outdone by good noisy Utd support at times but gave great backing throughout and loud when it mattered to lift the side. Well done all the young uns ...didn't realise the level of WoahhhhhhhhWoahhhh during Utd spot kicks, great stuff..
  4. Hate to single him out I just watched very closely I like Cody. I admire him fighting through the label of a Stubbs dud this season. I think he's improving and I'd keep him next season. Just didn't think he was effective at all tonight and prefer our more proven option in a vital game.
  5. People putting way too much emphasis on 3 goals v Dundee. But he finished what others created. 1st Danny Mullen laid it on a plate and we still had to rely on the keeper making a mistake with a header directly at him 2nd a nice controlled sweep home and 3rd well, would that strike have been a goal 90% of the time. Mullen makes things happen Mullen creates Mullen has scored some spectacular and important goals over run in If he's looking in get the cheque in the post but honestly I'd trust Danny with the task of scoring the goal/s that keep us up
  6. Was waiting a long time 1st half to hear his name and it was the ball bouncing off his chest to a Utd player. Next was losing possession then 2nd half it was another lost possession which lead to a Utd corner. Some ok bits later on and tries hard but he certainly did not "hold it up well" Can't afford to start him Sunday.
  7. To be fair there aren't too many games against already relegated teams proven to be the worst in the league with 10 men and ultimately 9 on which to make a decent comparison. The game completely passed him by tonight, didn't make effective runs, didn't hold up the ball and keep possession, didn't chase down defenders forcing them in to poor choices. We can after another 90 minutes with a passenger centre forward. Watched him closest of all tonight and was disappointed. Wasn't all bad and he put in decent effort with some success in the air but ultimately this was too big a game for him and we can't afford him standing aimlessly offside putting paid to promising attacking opportunities. A fresh Mullen back in please.
  8. Clearly Interstadia have absolutely ballsed up massively and could cost the club thousands. General Sale is now live and their are close to 800 season ticket holders seats appeared on the system available to buy. There is simply no way 25% of season ticket holders have suddenly decided that they can't make the playoff game. So many poor buggers must be locked out and have given up or in desperation picked a shit seat elsewhere. At full price that's £18K of tickets currently unsold due to these useless tossers! Got to be binned next season!
  9. Yup as other poster says, spot on ...and it was indeed a free kick from around the penalty spot and not a goal kick which would have rendered all argument irrelevant
  10. How the hell is it not aimed at him? The keeper's free kick is literally in a straight line at him and lands just 5 yards over where his start position is. There's literally no one else in that area he could be targetting. Unless he just overhit his kick by 15 yards and pushed it right when actually aiming for the 2 guys near the ref in the centre then he was exactly the intended receiver but just got the advantage of running on when his team mate moved across. to challenge. It should have been flagged offside.
  11. THIS We seem to be the nicest support in the world "Ach he was probably onside, I know he was 5 yards off but it'll be that phase thing" "Ach Our centre half has been assaulted and potential out concussed but he probably didn't mean it" "Ach he got a wee touch so he probably didn't dive into our box looking for a penalty, yeah he waved his arms at the ref but he was probably just trying to get up" "Yeah he's kicked our player on the ground but he was lying on the ball and McGinn should know better than to talk to the ref" "Ach there's Mullen on the ground, he's probably dived cause he did it once before remember" That striker should be playing no further part at the weekend and yet I heard absolutely bugger all while an incident already seen and yellow carded is put into a hearing to be upgraded to red because just as Tuesday night the referees view was obscured by the back of the player. Different rules for different clubs but we don't half help them out.
  12. Not interested who it came off (and it was indeed MacKenzie) at that point their player was only fractionally off anyway. From the keeper's free kick around the penalty spot Oakley is in an offside position. It's not a goal kick where he wouldn't be offside and he is involved in play as the punt up the field comes right at him landing almost on his starting position.
  13. Cheating little shite! We had Goncalves banned for 2 games for less. ham dive edit.mp4
  14. Players are so quick these days it's so difficult for officials when it's fractions of inches or 5 WHOLE BLOODY YARDS when the player is actually stood in a stripe of grass where the cut direction makes it an actual different colour to one the defenders are standing in and you are literally looking along that line when the keeper kicks the ball upfield towards him. JESUS F'N CHRIST We'd all be the guy at the back of the stand swearing if that had any bearing on the result.
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