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  1. Be very interesting to see if we get this selection right given the shocker of a side that was out out for the last big one off opportunity game, the Livi semi-final. I trust the guys who have got us this far to see us home. If I had to be harsh I'd really not like to see Quaner until late in the game if required. He's been decent in the past and may be again soon but for now he looked the slowest and least match fit player during the Ross County game and I was stunned to see him start at Ibrox and what I predicted inevitably happened when he just could not manage any sort of press on their defenders allowing hem to stroll out launching wave after wave of attacks for the hour he was on. First line of defence forcing mistakes from the least talented passers in the back 4. That won't have changed in 2 weeks so I'd like to see a front pair capable of putting pressure on in the opposition half before they get started. If truly fit Dennis yes if doubts maybe Durmus with McGrath? Go on Saints. Do it!
  2. This. He clearly got there first. The County player has poked his foot at it but it's impossible to tell from the one angle the have from behind play how much contact his hip has into Quaner's side as he stretched to win the ball first. It is soft but most likely there's enough of a shunt while his weight was shifting across to throw him off balance.
  3. Jim Goodwin seems to be the only manager who rests his players in form. Both Flynn and Connolly have looked really sharp yet have to sit and watch Lee Erwin put in a performance like that. Unless they've knocks that must be discouraging to watch thinking your boss consider that a better option than you.
  4. This soon as they had to come out and leave space behind we should have given them the threat of pace behind forcing them to stay back a bit. As it was knowing gown shockingly slow Erwin is the entire back 4 pushed right up keeping us in our own half making mistake after mistake until we blew it.
  5. Even listening on the radio I could tell that wasn't over the line. Cheating bastards!
  6. Playing the ball penalised YET AGAIN for follow through. Playing the ball penalised YET AGAIN for follow through. Natural position for arm to be in for the ball to hit? 9 seconds later they scored the one goal of the game in a continuation of this move. Holt and Rodgers have ploughed through our players Mason & Tait resulting in a concussion and a near snapped leg, same last season Ogboe leaving MacKenzie concussed. Not one received a card. Either you maintain control throughout challenges or you don't. Fed up seeing this.
  7. Looks like we might be seeing Brophy. I'm happy with that, decent player on his day and may work well with those we have.
  8. Sure but officials are just applying different rules when we're involved. Shaughnessy red because you have to maintain control throughout challenge and not endanger opponent - OK Jason Holt nearly snapped Brandon Mason's leg - Not even a card (retrospective red no advantage to us) Rogers hammers into Richard Tait nearly knocking him clean out - Nothing! Free kick other way even for what, endangering the keeper? Any handball by defenders out of natural body position is a penalty. Nothing. Play on. Point is we're not getting these situations judged fairly and consistently.
  9. Question We had Joe Shaughnessy ordered off against Ross County making a great clean clearance but the argument that we all grudgingly accepted at the time was that he wasn't in control through out and his follow through endangered and injured his opponent Ross Stewart. Do goalkeepers not have to adhere to the same rules? Killie keeper Rogers certainly cleared the ball as Shaughnessy did but showed absolutely no control or care in his lunge kneeing Tait in the head endangering and ultimately injuring his opponent to the point he couldn't even continue. I just don't see the difference. Either players challenge maintaining control or they are penalised. Not just when officials feel like it. How is Rogers in any way in control of his challenge here?
  10. No shaking hands lads or wash 'em when you get in. Let's have no more incidents.
  11. You've just got to laugh at how poor we are right now. Utterly hopeless. Feel sorry for Tait among this mess. Are they tiring yet then? Reckon they'll win this now.
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