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  1. Katie Bear

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    Reading further on yesterday's incidents I'm left with an over-riding feeling that both sets of fans have been cheated. The papers this morning said Morelos was completely unaware of anything hitting him and that set me thinking. Half an hour through his performance Alfredo treated us to a 2 minute cameo where he lay prone on the ground to the point that I was sure the stretcher bearers were readying their kit. As it transpired he had injured a little finger requiring it to be strapped firmly to the adjacent ring finger with medical tape before he could be helped off and return to action from the sideline shortly afterwards. I can't help thinking that had Alfredo noticed the missile from the crowd I feel almost certain that we would have seen a performance incomparable with anything the likes seen since the sad demise of the late Sir John Gieldud. I feel particularly for The Rangers fans as they must feel doubly aggrieved as the resulting Academy Award nomination would have no doubt raised his profile and potential value.
  2. Katie Bear

    Dunfermline v Saints. (Friday 26/01/18)?

    Footage of Cammy Smith's opener and 4 views of Jack Baird's winner
  3. Anyone recall the soundtrack in Chariots of Fire when Harold Abrahams knew on form he should win but was so terrified of what he would do if their was any hitch like he'd experienced before. Keep hearing this music in my head this morning. ...as well as stomach churning like a washing machine ...worked out for him in the film so here's hoping....
  4. Katie Bear

    Sporting integrity my arse

    I think it would be pretty safe to assume that Lennon's idea of his strongest side would be the one you choose to start a Scottish cup Semi Final and the players with 20-30 starts. I'd be asking questions as a Hibs fan if he didn't. Unless of course you think he's been having a particularly long look at some of these lads over the last 6 months seeing if the were up to the SPL before unleashing his best side against Raith Rovers? Come on you know very well what happened here and since he was keen to "use the squad" needing to "look at some players for next season" and wanting "to give the younger lads an opportunity" surely he'll be wanting to see more of them in the remaining meaningless games rather than judge them on one night against one team?
  5. Katie Bear

    Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

  6. Katie Bear

    Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

  7. Katie Bear

    Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

  8. Katie Bear

    Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

  9. Katie Bear

    Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

    Raith will win this. Match fit players were always going to come into their own against bit part players with little to no experience of playing more than half an hours football any week.
  10. Katie Bear

    Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

    So after a 34 game slog Saints, Ayr and Dumbarton hopes resting on a team with just the 3 players having started over 10 games this season. Welcome to Scottish football.
  11. Katie Bear

    Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

    What other rules are simply there for guidance and not really rules at all? Not fielding 2 under 21 outfield players in a cup tie perhaps? Heard Chic doing his pathetic oh you know what you have to do at the start of the season..and these boys deserve a night off. You can't predict who will be disinterested at the end of the season and the least you can expect is to compete against the same teams putting out the best team they can in each available game. That's not just fair to all teams involved, it's the rules!
  12. Katie Bear

    Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

    Bollocks or not it's clearly against League rules and any sort of spirit of competition to openly admit you're giving your team the night off when your next 3 games are against the 3 teams most closely involved in a critical relegation fight. League has already influenced the placings allowing Ayr to take beat a Raith side with no goalkeeper and now it seems fine for Hibs to play Raith with next to no first team before presumably bringing them back after their wee rest for a Home finale against St Mirren.
  13. Katie Bear

    Raith Rovers v St Mirren

    Was it 17 games they'd gone without a win ROLL UP ROLL UP HERE COME THE BIGGEST MUGS IN TOWN!
  14. Katie Bear

    Raith Rovers v St Mirren

    We never learn. Players out there thinking because Rodgers said the were great they could coast and win this easy but met a team who Hughes will have sent out pumped up playing for their league place and their sheer effort has done us. They showed they were capable but attitude like that will take us down. Absolute Garbage!
  15. Gatwick was closest and our first choice. Aer Lingus do something not sure where from and going via a Dublin stop with a 6-30am start reaching Glasgow about 11-15 a bit tight any hitches or with the same sort of 6am start time to travel up to Stansted for a Ryan Air 8-40 Glasgow direct getting in at 10ish. Other than those it's around £700 on the early BA flights and I've been told (lol) that's not happening Train was an option even for a 3-00 KO and cheaper again too but we'd never get the kids across London to Euston for the 6am which gets into Glasgow at 11. May just be beaten by the logistics of a 12-30 KO