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  1. markovanhaddock

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Oooft how quickly things can change. Heids up lads!
  2. markovanhaddock

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    After equalising. Love the positivity.
  3. markovanhaddock

    Do Stmirren fans want to return to England

    I’m still waiting for the second leg match against Coventry....
  4. markovanhaddock

    January Arrivals

    A pity about Cameroon Smith.
  5. markovanhaddock

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    All the very best OK [emoji106]
  6. markovanhaddock

    Kenny Pointon

    Devastating news. Got to know Kenny back in 1999 when he was the ringleader in starting St Mirrenoff. A great guy and had some great times with him. My thoughts with Karin and the rest of his family. RIP Tiger x
  7. Dear fellow Buds, my running blog "markgallmac - the most irritating runner in Scotland?" has been shortlisted for the second year for best blog at the Running Awards. The Awards ceremony is at the O2 in London on April and it's at the second public voting stage. Your wee free vote would mean a lot as I am once again the only Scottish blog to have made it to the final 12. You can vote below: https://therunningawards.com/vote/205/233#vote under Publications and online/ Blog personal/ then for Markgallmac. Would be nice to get it roon all the big guns. My blog is here for anyone who wants a read. https://markgallmac.wordpress.com/ Cheers, Marko
  8. markovanhaddock

    Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17

    I have nothing constructive to say except the Peroni tastes feckin lovely tonight. Yaaasssssssssss
  9. markovanhaddock

    St Mirren Player With Look-a-Likes

    Jens Paeslack was the guy from Aqua
  10. markovanhaddock

    Merry Christmas Every Buddie

    Always loitering and occasionally posting but Merry Xmas everybuddie.
  11. markovanhaddock

    This Is Anfield

    "If you think you're beaten you are"
  12. markovanhaddock

    Gordon Scott

    Nail in the head hit.
  13. markovanhaddock

    St Mirren v Falkirk Championship 1/10/16

    Oooft didn't see that coming.
  14. markovanhaddock

    St Mirren v Falkirk Championship 1/10/16

    This is worse Saturday evening television than "Splash".
  15. markovanhaddock

    Fife Cheats V Saints 24-9-2016 - Live on TV

    Hutton is a bloody sham.