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  1. FFS What a sorry excuse for a thread this is. Welcome Matt, though I hope you aren't actually reading all this. You wouldn't know this thread is about you would you? Hopefully the missing piece of the jigsaw for us. The very best of luck to you.
  2. We are sadly getting what we deserve. Better team winning
  3. Wake up call tonight. Think we have believed the hype too much, that’s a poor team that’s tanked us tonight. The graft just not there tonight.
  4. Dennis now subbed for the goalie. Whole match changes like that.
  5. So impressed with the attitude so far. The heads could have went down when Celtic equalised but no fear. That’s all we can ask for. Matching them man for man so far.
  6. What a take down that was,calm finish. This is brilliant.
  7. Disappointing goal to lost to be fair. Cammy and Shaughnessy (or was it McCarthy? Bad stream) caught sleeping.
  8. Wee Dennis finished brilliantly. His running off the ball is superb today. Needs a run in this team, he’s a goal scorer.
  9. Sadly Mason out of his depth here. Don’t understand why we are sticking with this.
  10. Being a forward all about confidence. Jury of course still out but hoping this will add to the confidence.
  11. Delighted for Dennis. Hopefully that’ll kickstart him.
  12. We need to get right into them now. No prisoners. Go for the throat.
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