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  1. That happened to me a couple of years ago and no one at the club seemed to be able to help.
  2. I wonder if that was it. I found out later Les Fridge played for Scotland and Berti Vogts was the West Germany manager and I saw Alex Ferguson at the game. Maybe I made it up.
  3. I remember Scotland being up 2-1 but getting beat 3-2. I started the game in the Love Street end and at half-time a bunch of us ran across into the Main Stand.
  4. Did I imagine this or was there a youth international between Scotland v West Germany (u18s/u16s?) at Love Street? I remember going and I think I was in Primary school at the time so maybe around 1985. I was certain it was at Love Street but I can't seem to find any record of it.
  5. If this is true I’d liked to have seen more of him. He looked full of potential early in the season.
  6. Mallan for McGowan plus £££ I hope!!!
  7. My Dad lives on Anglesey and I've been to his local team Llangefni Town. Dire stuff.
  8. True but they're hardly going to bring players in or alter their budget specifically for an away game v Clyde or Brechin. Anyway, Bangor City to win WPL this year!!
  9. So likely to be no actual public pre-season games this year.
  10. I enjoyed it. I'll watch it next week.
  11. Does anyone know for certain if there'll only be 2 strips this year?
  12. For my tuppence worth I agree we'd be round about League 2.
  13. After reading another post about Alan Stubbs going to Rotherham and how they're bigger than Hibs (arguably the 4th or 5th biggest club in Scotland) and how the SPFL compares to English football... Where in the English pyramid do you think Saints would be? Championship? Conference North??
  14. Wrexham are not a wee team. I've been to the Racecourse a few times as I've family from Wrexham and the infrastructure, stadium, history, and fan base are better than most of the SPFL Premiership and Championship.
  15. When are the fixtures for the League Cup coming out?
  16. There's talk of having a single game instead of over 2 legs for the SPFL play off 'final'.
  17. Pity, I think the division would've been better with an Ayrshire derby in it.
  18. Gallacher up front with Clarkson playing off him has potential.
  19. Aye, fair point, although those are the arguments that would need to be answered.
  20. I can't believe Fraser Wishart cost more than Torfason!!!
  21. You'd never get that through a vote with SPFL clubs.
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