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  1. ST holders who didn’t attend are not included, its the numbers through the turnstiles that are recorded. There were 442 less home fans (West & Main Stand) than the Livingston game (West, South & Main Stands).
  2. Dumbarton vs Dundee Utd - 968 Inverness vs Dunfermline - 2948 Livingston vs Brechin - 926 QOS vs Falkirk - 1716 saints fans today- 4383
  3. Kungs vs cooking on 3 burners - This Girl
  4. In the early hours of Wednesday 15 June 2016 following the Status Quo gig at Expo 2016 in Antalya, Turkey, Rick Parfitt suffered a suspected heart attack. He is being treated in a hospital in Turkey and whilst his condition is serious, he has already demanded his customary cup of tea with two sugars and a sweetener. The band had already agreed to perform at the Rock On Windermere charity show on Saturday 18th June to raise funds for the Cumbria Flood Appeal. Rick and the band did not want to cancel this important show, and so it will go ahead with Freddie Edwards, the son of Quo bassist John ‘Rhino’ Edwards, stepping in for Rick. It is likely that Freddie will stay with the band to allow them to honour their commitments and not let down the fans up to and including the show on Sunday 3 July at Gröna Lund Tivoli, in Stockholm, Sweden. Simon Porter, the band’s manager said, “No further comment will be made at this stage until the completion of the next round of tests and assessments to be made over the next few days. We would ask you to respect the family’s privacy at this difficult time.” From http://www.statusquo.co.uk/
  5. Tripe, I flew back from Ibiza into Manchester (T2) on Friday, and there was a full compliment of passport control staff working, got through in minutes and was out of the Airport within 20 minutes of landing.
  6. Cue Ball -> Videoplex -> Talk of The Town
  7. Is it in the car park at the back of the Bank Of Scotland on Glasgow Road
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