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  1. I see baz has had a spare several hours to comment on everything. A rule could be included but it would never get the required votes to carry it. Smisa deliberately didn't include a rule as that would impinge on them doing essentially what they want with what is nothing more than surplus funds. Read the rules, it's interesting to understand what they're doing, not doing and should be doing.
  2. Your probably 100% correct in what your saying re majority of those voting etc to change a rule. What rule is to be changed though?
  3. As well as Axanar, Barkon IV and Ramura. Na-nu na-nu.
  4. Thanks for the input. However, if someone is seeking to change smisas rules, you need to have a rule to change. You'll find there is no rule.
  5. Where in the Rules does it mention "Discretionary Spend Pot"?
  6. C'mon, you can't get a minute of a meeting out of them, so a register of the sort you suggest is somewhat unlikely.
  7. melmac

    Smisa buyout

    April 1 already? Jebus pissed himself laughing. Think house of cards X house of commons X play away.
  8. Good ole rational torries, no more gas heating to new homes as "It’s part of a bid by Philip Hammond to address the concerns of children protesting about climate change". Address the concerns of children, FFS.
  9. melmac

    Smisa buyout

    The "I'll sell when I'm good and ready" backstop?
  10. I think its all being orchestrated by Theresa May and the Brexit ejits, gently undermining those at all levels. Once it goes through, it will be back to the humdrum of duff refereeing.
  11. Is it coincidence that McGinn is back in midfield and nothing is happening?
  12. Sponsors really need to step up a bit and put financial pressure on clubs, their silence could be seen as condoning the behaviour. Sponsors could state in their contracts, any defined unacceptable behaviour would mean a withholding of monies / cancellation of the contract with anything having been paid, being refunded.
  13. Be great to see Wales after Brexit, nobody with any cash or jobs; they'll be trading like medieval times. f**k em, deserve all that's coming their way; wots up pussycat?
  14. Bring back Maggie T, she will def hold more sway, show more leadership, have more authority and personality and than that May ejit. Might stink the place up a bit, but hey ho.
  15. The UK really deserves all that is coming to it if / when brexit happens. Why people on either side are not jumping up and down to have this sorted one way or other before the end of March, I don't know. If it had been frexit (france leaving), their would have been riots and lynchings if their elected members had been as ineffective as May et al. My personal opinion is, May had her chance, her one shot, for the deal and it got roundly pissed upon from a great height - the status quo should then apply, not this endless round of crap. Finish.
  16. A completely crazy idea, a stadium with good transport links, next to a motorway and the airport. Bonkers.
  17. Doesn't have to be strange fruit'er, could go for an old pie floggin' or death by crackly speakers.
  18. We could have public executions before the next home game, that'd get get the numbers up anyway. Thoughts?
  19. You really live in your own wee world of make believe. Making your mind up?
  20. Am I reading this out of context "I wouldn’t stick them in but I tell you this, they wouldn’t be hanging about in my crowd or sitting near me at games"?
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