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  1. The anti-sectarian charity (the only one in Scotland), Nil By Mouth, regard the term 'hu.' as sectarian. This is supported by the SFA and the SPFL. No Club forums or websites allow the term and as you know it is not allowed on this forum like every other football forum in Scotland.
  2. Ultimate hypocrisy is St Mirren fans rightly condeming Rangers for sectarianism but saying it is ok for our chairman to issue sectarian comments. No it isn't.
  3. Over the last 18 months the Club has appeared pretty shambolic off the pitch. Everything from poor Covid procedures, the season ticket fiasco, catering, strips, misleading or wrong information to fans, a complete stand as a Red Zone to name some areas. I had hoped that a lot of it is down to teething problems as the Club changes the complete background picture with among other things new directors , new catering company, new Club shop, and new Stewarding. And of course we have a new Chaiman and we really need strong leadership. However the new Chairman has demonstrated incompetence and embarrassment that matches the other off field shambles. He represents the Club and not himself and his comments are not fitting for the public Club image he now represents whatever his own opinions are. He clearly demonstrates a lack of judgement. If he cannot even make the correct decisions for his Twitter account (not a one off either) then can we trust him in his other decision making? Has he shown strong leadership? Not for me. An apology does not remove the unwanted and unneeded distraction that he has caused. Another own goal by the Club. He should step down.
  4. Giving MoM to Power today as he was immense. Won every tackle then some great wee passing to start us off again. The back 3 were also excellent as was Jamie but Power wins it.
  5. Erharon is extremely poor when the opposition have the ball. He doesn't track runners, doesn't close down and doesn't mark anyone. He doesn't seem to know what he is doing when we don't have the ball and are defending. And he cannot tackle on his right side as he has to turn his body round to try and get his left foot in. He has a good left foot and some of his deficits can be improved by coaching. But I see little improvement in those areas over the last 12 months. Either he isn't getting the coaching he needs or isn't listening but his game awareness is poor.
  6. Biggest problem today was playing two defensive midfielders which simply doesn't work as they sit too deep leaving a huge gap in front and allowing little support to Brophy. I realise we were up against 10 men but taking Erhahon off meant more players in midfield where we could compete and support the strikers. Great result in the end though. Aberdeen should have been out of sight in the first half but we dominated the second. We finally played well against 10 men.
  7. Big shout out and thanks to the Bankhouse Buddies for giving me a lift through today when I missed my bus. Thanks guys.
  8. Unless the Away end is sold out no-one cares which seat you sit in. And the Away end won't be sold out this Saturday.
  9. McCarthy was the best man on the pitch at Livingston.
  10. Connor looks a player. Great debut considering he isn't match fit. Will certainly improve the team.
  11. Don't really have a problem with a safe standard area however those standing must not block the view of those sitting in adjacent areas. Not everyone is fit enough or wants to stand up for 2 hours. I support Slash's idea of using the area between the South and West Stands maybe at some point in the future but no point wasting money on it in W7 just now.
  12. Jamie is wasted in Jim's horrific setup for this season. Hope he changes it before it is too late.
  13. Don't know why everyone is complaining about midfielders. According to Jim we don't need any as every defender is under instruction to fire high balls as far up the pitch as possible and when it comes straight back fire a high ball as far up the pitch as possible and when ... Ach I am sure you can work it out.
  14. Tetrapaks are ok. Take in a litre of Tesco orange juice and share it around. (And bottles of any sort have been banned from football stadiums for decades. It is in the Club rules and the SPFL stadium rules. Surprised the Club didn't get pulled up for allowing bottles in for the restricted attendance games.)
  15. JDH and McGrath were both carrying bad injuries at the end of the season. But the whole team was shite - what was their excuse?
  16. Don't think I can watch any more - depends on how many Celtic will be content with.
  17. As I have been saying for weeks the tactics are killing us. This reliance on the wing backs to get quick high balls into the box for two wee strikers who rarely cleanly win a header simply ain't working. The back 3 punt the ball up the channels to the wing back (we only have Tanser in reality) who gets crosses in that are never won and Kiltie and McGrath are supposed to play high up to pick up the second ball. The leaves a huge void in the middle of the park for the opposition to control the game. And not only that, we are bypassing our best player in McGrath by not playing on the deck through the middle. The tactics are shite to watch and we do not have the personnel to execute them anyway. We are now watching hoofball. However to be fair we started playing through the middle more in the second half with McGrath dropping deeper and looked better for it. The only positive I can take out of today is the long awaited return of McCarthy. Let's hope Jim comes out his blinkered trance and keeps him in the team. Play that formation next week and it will be double figures against.
  18. In normal times (anyone remember them?) there would be no problem just turning up and buying a ticket for any stand you wanted. However these are not normal times. It looks like we should have a 5k capacity on 28th Aug but that is not confirmed as yet. I would ask your question in a week or two when hopefully things become clearer. There is a walking tour of Paisley that your dad may enjoy if he is fit enough. And the thread museum and Sma'shot cottages are maybe worth a quick visit as is a pint in the Bull Inn. You can check on-line about opening times. Enjoy your weekend whenever it happens. And keep checking about tickets.
  19. If you had been following the discussion you would have known I had given an opinion of the new formation and how it does not work to my liking and the defence being weaker this season than last season (not all the CBs' fault). Someone else said we had not conceded a goal from our left hand side. I merely pointed out that Cummings scored from poor play by our central and left sided CBs. There was no reference to the build up play ('all down our left hand side') but the fact that the centre back pairing on the left did not pick up their man causing an easy goal for Cummings. But all of this is pedantry compared to the real issue that was being discussed ie the new formation and is it working.
  20. I am well aware the cross came from our right but we were discussing the Centre Backs and Dunne in particular. Cummings wasn't coming down our right but between Shaughnessy and Dunne on our left and was unmarked for an easy shot. Both Centre Backs were at fault on the left side of our defence.
  21. Jason Cummings for Dundee's second goal was down our left hand side. I am not having a go at Dunne. Defensively he has generally been ok but the defence as a whole has looked very suspect compared to last season. Having a huge gap between Power and McGrath/Kiltie doesn't help. But Dunne's insistence in blootering the ball up the park doesn't help create anything. On Saturday McGrath came back looking for the ball from Dunne but he ignored him and fired it straight out the park trying to reach Tait. But I think unfortunately the long ball is what the manager wants.
  22. I do not like the formation this season nor the personnel being used to try and implement it. Last season we played one up top who was isolated. This year we go with 2 with the midfield support pushed higher than last season. Now we have 1 DM and last year 2. We have gone from having too many midfielders playing deep to too few. We try and get the ball in the box quickly and often. This results from far too many hopeful punts up the park, especially from Dunne, in the expectation that Main will beat two CBs sitting on top of him. Most crosses will come from the WB. Tanser does have a good cross but tends to drift out the game too much waiting for something to happen. Tait works hard but has slowed down and is pretty hopeless at crossing. Henderson can cross but cannot defend and is too inexperienced to be a first team automatic pick. However my biggest issues are Irish ones. McCarthy is no question our best CB but is not in the team as Jim wants a left footed CB. We didn't have a left footed CB last season but still had a very good defensive record so does it make much difference, if any? Certainly not when it means our best defender is left on the bench. And secondly we have an outstanding talent in McGrath being used to pick up second balls from the long punts instead of creatively trying to dictate play through the middle. His talents are being wasted as we have turned into a long ball team. I get what Jim is trying to do. I don't like it and do not enjoy it as I prefer a fast passing game like Hibs or Celtic, and do not think we have the players to execute his new formation properly. Long punts are a turn off.
  23. Sell Erhahon and give Jamie 4K a week makes more sense. As I said he is our best player and if he goes we are a far weaker team even if we have money in the bank or gamble it on someone who may or may not be as good. We will not find a better replacement.
  24. Not on today's performance. McGrath was head and shoulders better than anyone in our team. No offence to Tait, Kiltie and Tanser but they are midfield journeymen compared to McGrath (and add Erhahon, McPherson and Flynn) and we will not spend decent money to replace him. When McGrath goes the team will be substantially weaker.
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