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  1. 2-1. Goal machine Lee scores again.
  2. Maybe people did not make it clear what Stand they wanted? There is an seat A1 in all the Stands. I would guess all the notes about seats already booked are due to folk not making it clear which Stand or else choosing the wrong Stand.
  3. St Mirren OS. Match / Tickets & Stadium / Register season 21-22 Season Ticket.
  4. 3-0 final score. Brophy 2, Erwin 1.
  5. Brophy scored both in first half.
  6. I note that Ipswich paid a fee for Vaclav. Any idea how much IFIP?
  7. We were shocked when he ended up at Salford. Believe they offered him big bucks. Vaclav is a great keeper who will become a cult hero. Can pass a ball better than most defenders.
  8. Many clubs played bounce games at the weekend but they were not generally reported beforehand (or after the match for that matter). I assume they do not want fans to turn up due to Covid so are keeping a low profile.
  9. They can f**k right off with this.
  10. Plays just behind strikers.
  11. This link may be totally bollocks but according to it Utd are paying around 50% more than we are and in some cases over 350% more. https://footballleaguefc.com/st-mirren-fc-player-wages/ Unlike the majority I see nothing wrong with JDH's stance. He was offered a contract mid-season which he rightly chose not to commit to. Pre-season hasn't started yet so he was right to look around and looks like he could easily secure a deal offering a lot more than we can pay (check out average salaries of English diddy Leagues and what we offer). He wouldn't have been taking a pay rise come from Cheltenham to us. And we signed him in Nov with no pre-season training. Jim has publicly stated that JDH's form dropped due to that, too many games in Feb and being forced to play through injuries. He is a tidy player and we gave it a good shot to re-sign him. I am sorry it didn't work out.
  12. I haven't seen any references to emails being sent to individuals just links on social media on where to register. Once registration is complete a confirmation email is sent.
  13. Jim admitted JDH's form had dropped due to having no pre season, niggling injuries and the huge number of games in Feb. JDH is an class player and should show his worth next season if we are lucky enough to keep him.
  14. They want him. They will probably sell the inferior player of Lewis Ferguson for £2M but want McGrath for £250k. He is worth more than that to us. Aberdeen can f**k off.
  15. McGrath is a far better player than Mallan.
  16. Generally Well fans thought Main did a good job keeping a defence occupied giving their flair players space to strut their stuff. I am sure Jim is after more than just Main as he has let 4 strikers leave.
  17. Well fans on P&B agree Main is not a goalscorer however he has been described as a 'wrecking ball' and given praise for closing down and being a nuisance and holding the ball up. Certainy Jim has been critical of our strikers for not working hard enough so maybe this is just another piece to the jigsaw. Not overwhelmed but maybe he can take the weight off Brophy/Dennis.
  18. Left sided defender on a 2 year deal. Welcome aboard the rollercoaster Charles!
  19. On a 3 year deal! Malky must rate him
  20. On the right depending on circumstances we either play Connolly as a winger or Tait as as wing back. Naismith imho is a better wing back option than Tait. And although I believe Burke is now too old for this level his crossing is better than anyone we have and he has impressed me this season although I would prefer Connolly to stay.
  21. Well done Jamie on being called up to the Ireland squad.
  22. Naw. Back 3 with Fraser McCarthy Tait. 5 across the middle - Connolly, Flynn, McGrath, Erhahon and Henderson. Two up top Brophy and Erwin.
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