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  1. Felt the midfield played further forward last night with only one sitting deep - Flynn. We looked to actually have midfielders who were winning things and supporting the strikers (not that the syrikers did anything with the support). Hopefully Jim is leaning that two sitting midfielders isn't working.
  2. Cammy and Connolly made a big difference when they came on. Cammy being direct with some great passing and Dylan getting some decent and low crosses into the box. Hope he can teach his team mates that high crosses are pish.
  3. Beginning to think our players just train but there is no coaching going on. Obika and Erwin going for the same ball against each other. Both coming way out the box leaving no-one there; absolutely dire crossing that never varies.
  4. No chance tonight. He played, and scored, last night in a 3-2 win over the younghuns.
  5. Our weakness is the midfield but some of that is down to the formation. We play two sitting midfielders who play very deep. Ethan is the weak link there so JDH is forced to stay back. We also play two wide players very wide often leaving McGrath trying to cover all of the midfield on his own and we get overrun. We look a lot more competitive with 442 or with a 3241. Flynn in midfield and JDH on his own today would have made a big difference.
  6. Ethan is a passenger out there. If Flynn is fit get him on.
  7. What's recently changed? We were compliant to play Scotland U21 games. The Stadium was built to be compliant.
  8. Too many passengers today. Finlayson, Ethan, Cammy, Henderson, Quaner and Dennis not getting into the game. Dennis showed some intelligence but was rarely getting a decent ball. Shows how much we rely on the guys who did come on. The squad is looking very thin in quality. Need our best 11 next week and hope we have no more injuries.
  9. Think Jim needs to remind them they will be out the team for next week unless individually they up their game. Poor performances all over the park. Can see Ethan being sent off for another unnecessary stupid tackle. Seems to get a booking every game these days.
  10. Aberdeen just now would be a poor move for McGrath. They are a shambles of a club at the moment, leaking millions with many of the squad out of contract. Their inexperienced manager has a major rebuilding job for next season. Hardly a place to push on from. Jamie should sign an extension with us with a buy out clause and wait for a Championship club to come calling offering him and us megabucks.
  11. Every striker we sign is injury prone - it's what we do. Man City call it squad rotation. We call it 'who's fit'?
  12. I'd like to see Killie go down then we can sign Lafferty
  13. There were few options. Quaner isn't fit enough for 90 mins yet and to be fair Erwin did OK at Dingwall midweek. Erwin did OK for the first 15 mins or so then like many in the team fell away with very few winning their individual battles although I thought JDH had a fine game especially when he moved further forward when Ethan came on. I would give Jake a more forward role in the remaining games and play Ethan as the sitting defender.
  14. Thought we were pish tonight. Too many not winning their battles and Jim overthinking it again by making too many changes trying to confuse the opposition instead of concentrating on us. But another semi fi al so well done.
  15. Great result and some good performances. Ilkay outstanding. Collin and young Jay meeting the challenge. And a special mention to Erwin for his goal and the great vision and pass for the second. Hope Ilkay stays and Collin decides he loves Paisley too much to leave.
  16. Fitness is one of McAllister's biggest issues. He has only lasted 90 mins twice in 2 years. Easily pushed off the ball and does not track back as he is not fit enough. Talented guy but fitness and strength has stopped any progress.
  17. If JDH was everage then Ethan was a total liability - nowhere near as good as JDH.
  18. Far too many crosses into the box at head height. Why can they not pass it into the box or hit low crosses as I cannot remember the last time we scored from a headed cross. Disappointing after such a good first half. Don't think I'll be PPVing again this season (except for the Cup).
  19. JDH is an excellent player for us. He would be a huge miss if he leaves.
  20. Total domination. Erwin playing well. Thought Jamie would miss that one - looked too casual and all his recent penalties have been in the same place if a keeper does some homework. And JDH is an excellent player for us. Reads the game brilliantly and good positive passes when he wins the ball. He will be a big loss if he leaves.
  21. As Jim has been saying all season we are good until the final third where we don't take our chances. This is the most attacking team we have had in years creating numerous chances yet rarely even getting a shot on target. Was it the Utd home game where we dominated and had nearly 30 attempts on goal but only a couple on target? If Dennis had been fit all season I could have seen us easily being in the top 6.
  22. Lumping high balls to Brophy won't help him. I really rate Tait but his crossing is atrocious. If we play one or two wee guys up top we should be playing it on the deck to the team's strengths.
  23. My heart sank when I saw the lineup today. When we play 2 up top we just lump high useless crosses in to 2 forwards that cannot head a ball anyway. The best we have played this season was with a 4-2-3-1 formation playing the ball on the deck yet we stopped playing that the last two months. Formation and personnel cost us today.
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