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  1. Well JDH may be more liable to stay if we are top 6 pushing for Europe rather than bottom six playing for zilch even if we are safe. Neither of which we know yet. I do not think there is any urgency as yet and I am sure Jim is looking at alternatives for when the time for a definite answer comes.
  2. It's only February. We usually only start to look at contracts not only after the split but when we know what league we will be playing in. Plenty of time left before we start issuing ultimatums to players.
  3. We recalled Jay Henderson (attacking mid) from Clyde and have Lewis Jamieson (centre forward) in the squad. Maybe time to give them a wee runout now and then particularly Jamieson.
  4. JDH left on crutches - goes for check-up tomorrow
  5. Decent to get a point up there. Just hope JDH is ok as injuries could cost us dearly - we do not need any more.
  6. Constantly getting caught on the ball - can they not do a one touch pass?
  7. Allan McManus is good. The other guy is rubbish.
  8. Yip that's how I see us having to go with possibly using Durmus and Connolly more coming in off the wings in an attacking sense, a tighter, narrower more compact attacking unit. Aye, Durmus and Connolly in wide positions with Flynn playing the McGrath role. McAllister doesn't have the work rate to play that role.
  9. Aberdeen have an injury list worse than ours so I expect us to get at least a point today. Alnwick Fraser McCarthy Shaughnessy Tait Doyle-Hayes Erhahon Connolly Flynn Durmus Obika
  10. We play best in red and black - should wear that kit for the rest of the season . And our away record is better than our home record. Make every game appear like an Away game.
  11. Jamie has a dislocated shoulder and is seeing a specialist today. Liable to be out for a week or two or if there is ligament damage maybe the season We matched Celtic in the first half although losing Jamie affected us particularly in ball retention and closing players down. Three times after he went off Ajer ran the whole length of the park with none of the forwards tracking back to stop him. Second half we collapsed after the penalty although Celtic were bossing the game. Disappointed in the performance but more disappointed in the injury list. However we have more than matched Aberdeen in our last two games against them so should be confident going up there to keep the bandwagon rolling.
  12. standing off too much - got to get tighter to them.
  13. Ilkay and Connolly swapped wings 10 mins before half time.
  14. Jim now confirmed an injury problem and going to see a specialist tomorrow.
  15. Mhhh. Ali de Foy mentioned on SMTV that Brophy wasn't in the squad but there would be more information tomorrow. Read into that what you will.
  16. Woooshhh on my part ...... should study the emojis better.....
  17. Eh, the last time we played a back 3 against Celtic we won 2-1!
  18. You can login anytime to watch the interviews pre and post match and often other interviews although few fans appear to bother. There is always a link to the next game but it doesn't become live until about 20 mins beforehand. Edit to Add: And of course you can watch any full game, highlights or just the goals from all home games this season.
  19. Hope we still have him next season. Damned shame about the injury.
  20. Dennis out for rest of season. Damned shame. Hope we have him next season.
  21. Slow start the began to dominate. Hope Jim is telling them to actually shoot from the edge of the box instead of laying it off to someone else.
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