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  1. Celtic game and St Johnstone game on BBC Scotland tonight. Celtic KO 4:45 St Johnstone 7:00 Hibs, on Hibs TV KO 7:45
  2. How many, exactly, are dying from attending football matches? Bringing in people that "are still dying" is way out of context and, again, needless emotional attacks on people who are simply wanting to get back to a normal life within the rules that other clubs seem to be able to manage. If football matches are the deadly killers you're insinuation there must be an awful lot of football fans who will not be attending after the Euros.
  3. Low blow. Uncalled for. As is the level of unnecessary personal issues you've decided to bring to a public forum. Many people could well be anxious without you fuelling their worries.
  4. Making stuff up again, you really are making a lot of fcuk ups this weather, you ok HU n? Here he comes, the forum hardman who thinks everything comes down to fighting. Best you keep your comments to yourself, you're not a well wee man.
  5. Then you should stay in that cave or get a new job as things are as good as they are going to get. Please keep the sob stories to yourself, we've had enough emotional blackmail to last us a lifetime.
  6. So Covid will take a rest? As for the rest, we all can't live in a cave for a few people so best let people attend when it's deemed "safe".
  7. So your recent issues about tickets etc are irrelevant as it's not safe? It's as safe as it's ever going to be.
  8. Bet you would have went if we had got Arbroath Away in the cup, someone mentioned the fish suppers and beers were on you as you had plenty spare ticket cash. I go to quite a few away games, no home games. You bet I would have been at the Arbroath game, and I have plenty of cash, nothing to do with spare tickets.
  9. I have a rule with Baz that I stop any futile attempts to get any sense from him after 3 posts maximum. It keeps me sane, or as close as is possible.
  10. Have you been in a cave over the last month or so? πŸ™„
  11. Naw, I don't post when I'm no going. πŸ˜› My post count is high enough anyway. ☺️
  12. Interesting development in the medal tally for GB over the last 17 years. Currently on 47.
  13. Indeed, the smile on this girls face for a bronze, lit up my morning.
  14. Had a strong feeling this was a cert..................................
  15. Ben Whittaker lost in the final of the light heavyweight, beaten by the better fighter. I've watched a few of his fights, enjoyed his style and had a swagger about him however his lack of class has slightly taken the shine off winning a silver medal. Didn't exchange any congratulations with the winner after the fight and didn't even put his medal on at the presentation. I understand fully the disappointment, but you should maintain a level of respect.
  16. Indeed, the use of emotional tripe is another of the constant attempts to justify "rules" that lack common sense and are based on nothing but airy fairy opinions.
  17. I find when these type of posts appear the people didn't have any intention of going anyway.
  18. Every day brings more medals, quite an achievement for GB.
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