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  1. Shocking post. Deflection and more concerned about the faults of Rangers than anything that this brings to the club door. No surprise with your obsessions about them right enough.m
  2. Too late, I believe the children are the future.
  3. Hard to understand why he makes these utterly embarrassing tweets. He seems unaware that they make him look, and sound, a bit of a moron. There's no defence and with the clubs summer of embarrassing blunders this is the last thing we need. Should he go, aye, won't be missed, we don't need this element at the top of our club.
  4. I had a wee sniff at this just before kick off.............................
  5. You just couldn't help yourself, replying to my post when there were plenty of other's who had replied to this particular subject. You made a fool of yourself, again by jumping in. You're desperation for attention and stupidity never fail to make me smile. As for troll, @antrin wins that by a mile with his slithering about the forum.
  6. Shocked a thread hasn't been started about this game. It's on Halloween, hope it's not a shocker as we really need to beat teams so far below us to maintain the seasons good form. We've only lost 3 games from 9, including today's difficult game. Can't see us losing this, a draw, at worst, but more likely a win. After today's injuries we've got to hope none are long term, that could easily have an effect on our performances.
  7. Only pointing out you seemed to have overcooked a very similar post, if that's what keeps you happy, fire in but don;t get all upset when it's pointed out. As for shit stirring, again, you've fecked up, not me, away and dry your eyes.
  8. It's ok, you've made a mistake, no big deal, stop digging.
  9. Aye, and mines was made after his and before yours Maybe read the thread before jumping in with a regurgited reply. 😆
  10. Firstly, he's made a very public apology Secondly, you, being an idiot, seem to be slipping into a darker hole where only the forum simpletons gather. Run along, no one takes anything you say seriously, quite an achievement. 🤡
  11. Ok, fair point, if you could include a cheque for a few bob my address is on it's way.
  12. Just after Liverpool went 5-0 up it switched to Alex Ferguson, not a happy face, then to Dalglish, pishing himself laughing. Serious pressure on wee Ole yet again.
  13. That'll be right, your reputation as a stalker precedes you.
  14. Not good enough, a full 2 page written apology expected. It did make me laugh, so, downgraded to a one page apology.
  15. As much as I agree with VAR I don't agree that if a players hand/arm is offside it's an advantage, it, surely, should be the position of the feet?
  16. How do you come to this conclusion when you said you weren't attending and you don't have access to Sky Sports, just made it up? 🤡
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