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  1. On the same day you found the internet, what a glorious day.
  2. Stirling is under an hour from Paisley, silly billy.
  3. We really need a win, lose or draw this and we go into October winless. Fortunately there's another few teams in a similar position but the longer the winless streak continues the harder it'll be to climb out of the current position.
  4. Not necessarily, other factors come into it and the days of plenty of juniors making it to the top league are rare. What has he done previously, a one season wonder, football is littered with players like that. Anyhow, it was a throwaway comment, l don't really give a hoot.
  5. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea, massive bit of luck, deflection, them's the breaks.
  6. Spurs 0-1 Chelsea, serious contenders for the league this season Chelsea. 50 mins.
  7. Livingstone 1-0 Celtic, that's 3 points they would never have seen coming.
  8. West Ham 1-1 Man Utd, guess who, the guy who some had written off as too old, 35 mins. Game on.
  9. West Ham 1-0 Man Utd, Moyes has built a good side, play good football, can defend and have some classy players. Early days, I expect a reaction from United. 30 mins.
  10. Aye, I watched most of it, as you say, not exactly free flowing football but half decent. Thought is had draw written all over it TBH.
  11. Another point, as I mentioned earlier, easily the best point we've gained this season. Aberdeen next week, a decent chance for our first win IF we play like we did at times and they maintain their form, which is shite,
  12. 2-2, final score, best point we've secured this season. Deserved, not a steal. Well done the manager & players.
  13. I said we'd score 2 goals today. Kidding apart, last 20 mins has been more than decent. Only fair we get something from this after the improvement.
  14. I've noticed our supply of penalties has dried up, could do with one today.
  15. Certainly we seem to have came to life after that 1-2, still in the game at 2-1.
  16. Changed the game with the sub they made, and probably a boot up the arse. It was unlikely they could be as poor as they were in the first half.
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