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  1. Just tuned in, Ross County have invented a new definition on picture quality.........................Underwater.
  2. Watford 0-5 Liverpool, hat trick for Firmino. Game over. A joy to watch.
  3. Predictable and no class. Has rascal hacked your account?
  4. Watford 0-4 Liverpool, Salah's magical goal against Man City the other week get ready for another in the same bracket. World class. 55 mins.
  5. Watford 0-3 Liverpool, cricket score anyone? 52 mins.
  6. Watford 0-2 Liverpool, not quite the goal fest I thought but been one way traffic. 37 mins.
  7. Watford 0-1 Liverpool, superb goal. Salah is giving an overweight Danny Rose a roasting already. His pass to mane was a joy and the finish wasn't bad either. Could be a cricket score here. 8 mins.
  8. Aberdeen are anything but a cert, not won a game in yonks, could easily, IMO, be a draw. St Johnstone should just edge out Livingston, although they, Saints, don't score many goals. As long as we win, the rest can take care of themselves, for now.
  9. Our recent form suggests we're in with a shout, and the bookies agree. I think it'll be close, 1-5.
  10. Understandable but it took a while to get used to being away from people, it'll take a wee while getting used to being back in these situations. We're at a concert next month in Glasgow, got to think more of the night/entertainment than the flu.
  11. Might as well, there's no rules anymore, a free for all.
  12. Oh, it's Moldova v Scotland.............................just saying.
  13. So, after the dust has settled our record of only losing one game from 8 is very satisfying, especially after the disappointment of the Euros. Our slow start is a concern, the first half against Denmark was abysmal, and the last couple of games not much better. On the plus side the manager and players deserve great credit for the turn around in the second half of the three games mentioned above. We've managed to turn games that we would have drawn previously into wins, a massive difference in our confidence and points tally. Friday 12th November, can't wait.
  14. Murray out but a close match against a top player. Probably as good as it gets TBH.
  15. Murray serving like a demon....................outstanding............................so far. Spoke too soon, been broken back, 3-2 up, Zverev to serve.
  16. Watching Murray v Zverev, just went 3-0 up, first set, so far, EXCELLENT.
  17. Good idea, River City is more your style, dull and dreary.
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