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  1. You, unusually, are 100% correct. He's one of his favourite terms, a hypocrite and hasn't the balls to admit he fecked up and walk away.
  2. I agree that the cases are rising, outstripping the numbers back in the dark days but I still don't see anything to worry about in the numbers that really matter. Same bracket as the flu.
  3. Your squirming is very amusing.
  4. Why are you getting worried about cases? The vaccine HAS broken the chain in serious illness and deaths, that's the important statistic. You should get a job for the BBC, they love scaremongering.
  5. Queen You stupidly accuse bazil of racism yet are quite happy throwing around homophobic insults? Oh dear.
  6. Naw, listening to his radio that gives him a strange insight and expert opinion.
  7. Patterson being out is a real blow IMO, Fraser also to a certain extent, not fussed about McLean, a bit part player and rarely gives anything above "meh". Never mind, it's a massive game, fingers crossed Denmark beat Israel and we get at least a draw from this game.
  8. The bookies obviously don't share some of the concerns that have been posted on here..........................
  9. Noticed you didn't post after the game. Only post when we don't win. #fanny.
  10. @oaksoft proved this on many occasions. 😂
  11. Hair splitting, a sure sign of desperation. 🤡
  12. Aye, ok. Bye the way, why didn't you seem to be aware of your "accountability" when the flu was ravaging through vulnerable people?
  13. England reserves 4-0 Andorra, Saka, smart quick corner, 85 mins.
  14. England reserves 3-0 Andorra, poor goalkeeping, Andorra are mince.
  15. England reserves 2-0 Andorra, Kane, no long on, scores from the penalty. 72 mins.
  16. It sounds like you'll be living in fear forever. Enjoy, I'm LIVING life and taking risks every day, that's life.
  17. England reserves 1-0 Andorra. Only switched it on at half time, looks like, watching the highlights, they should have scored more. Second half just started.
  18. 100%, seems to get forgotten when we sign from smaller clubs that we are just the same, and nothing bad about that, as any other clubs.
  19. What, exactly, do yo suggest we do to stop Hibs, or any other clubs, cherry pick our plyers? It's not rocket science, Hibs, and plenty other clubs, have more resources and, as such, will be able to offer our players better conditions/prospects and salaries. This fixation on Ross is very amusing. As for what Tony says......................you'd need to be a fool to pay any attention to him.
  20. They, Moldova, did leak 8 in the one game against Denmark, who, themselves struggled to a narrow 0-1 win last night against the Islands of Faroe. The performance last night, finishing apart, IMO, wasn't that bad. As I indicated, on another night it could have been 5 or 6 and we would have been quite happy, same performance, just not hitting the target from some sitters. I agree Austria game, at this stage, is a must win, then it's all heading to probably a dramatic game against fecking Israel who we just can't shake off. Aye, Joe's utter drivel is beyond tedious, strange from an adult, more to be expected from a deranged teenager.
  21. I agree.......................I think.
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