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  1. Tonight's team, three changes, Clarke doesn't worry about mixing it up.
  2. Aye, the desire to post dreary predictions based on nothing, never fails to surprise me. Pessimistic doesn't cover e few punters on here, what a fecking life, even worse for their close family.
  3. Also, just to reduce the your glee, Austria play Denmark tonight and then Israel next. I would suggest 4 points from the next two games would be enough.
  4. If we win tonight and draw with Moldova we would only have to draw with Denmark as we've a better "head to head" with both Israel and Austria.
  5. Oh, the calls about our defence, and Patterson in particular, on Saturday made it very clear that Patterson, as I mentioned back in the Euros, isn't a very good defender at this stage in his career. The clamour for him to be included at that stage was misguided, to say the least. It's a pity we couldn't clone O'Donnell and him as, again as I've mentioned, O'Donnell is a decent, not great, defender but is poor when up the park. Patterson is the opposite, but will get better and, IMIO< in a year or two will be a great player for Scotland. Tonight is a game we should certainly play Patterson, I doubt we'll be under much pressure at the back.
  6. Jeezo, some people, not a funny bone in their body.
  7. Murray has another decent win and, for the first time in his professional career, does an underarm serve.
  8. That, clearly, wasn't the point I was addressing.
  9. It has indeed, we've played them 10 times and not lost once. Won 8, drawn 2, that's a real difficult set of historic results. The last 5 games we've scored 17 goals, conceded 1. Isn't it time your village had a vote for a new idiot?
  10. Steve Clarke reveals what he said to turn the game round against Israel. "I told them at half time - if you do want to lose the game, you’re doing it in the perfect fashion," he tells BBC Sportsound. "The talk at half time was really just - we have to play it our way. "We have to play with more tempo, a little bit more ambition, control the game better and we did that from the start of the second half more or less to the 96th minute. "We got our reward."
  11. Good point, he certainly didn't drop out of the game and continued to put himself about and his goal wasn't as easy as it looked.
  12. They, The Faroes, have picked up in the last 3 games, narrowly losing to Denmark and Austria while beating Moldova. Still, we whipped them 4-0 in the home game and, as you say, we should have too much but it's football and history is littered with shocks, much bigger than this would be. Our 2nd half performance last night was excellent, Clarke certainly done his job at half time, we were all over them from the first whistle. Last night's result, and performance, was all we could have asked for, and Israel always give us problems. Tuesday is all about the 3 points, get them and we will have as good as have secured 2nd spot.
  13. 3-2, McTominayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 94th min.
  14. Not a lot he can do except add time on at the end, they've been at it since the opening minutes.
  15. Dykes makes up for his horrendous penalty, goal, after VAR stepped in. C'mon, been all over them since half time.
  16. Pish poor penalty, he, Dykes, got lucky in the last game, not a penalty taker IMO.
  17. Jeezo, 2 mins of happiness and poor defending gives them the lead. Hard life.
  18. Troll off ya tedious bore. PS It's on ma massive telly. 😜
  19. The team to take us to the edge of runners up spot.
  20. James McFadden agrees with me........................... Scotland's best chance of beating Israel is to go after them. Disrupt their play and don't let them settle. Plenty of people will say 'it's only Israel' but they are a good team. They play out from the back, take risks and in Eran Zahavi they have someone who has scored 11 times in his past 12 caps. Scotland must not sit back and let them play. In the Euro 2020 play-off semi-final - when Scotland won on penalties - they were good at putting Israel under pressure in their own half. That night was the best Scotland have been in the four meetings under Steve Clarke. With John McGinn leading that press from midfield and potentially Lyndon Dykes and Che Adams up front, there should be plenty of energy to go and try to win the ball higher up the pitch again.
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