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  1. Blankety Blank makes a return tonight with Bradley Walsh at the helm, Big shoes to fill but hopefully the format which has worked over the years will continue to be a success. BBC1, 9:00pm.
  2. Sunday's fixtures, another whipping for Aberdeen, not really bothered about the 2nd game.
  3. 0-0 full time, didn't see the 2nd half, Strictly won that battle. Brighton sit joint 2nd in the league. To give Arteta credit he's certainly turned them around after a disastrous start.
  4. I hope you've nae mirrors in the hoose.
  5. Aye, you've been licking your wounds after making a royal cnut of yourself in the "sponsorship" thread you started. Now, run along, leave off the cheap wine and get a grip of yourself.
  6. Brighton 0-0 Arsenal, half time. Brighton, as I mentioned recently, are a joy, winning all the midfield battles and really should be one or two in front. Most of us know, it's football and nothing should surprise us but Brighton are looking like the winners.
  7. His post count goes through the floor when we win.
  8. How's it going down there for Aberdeen? Think my Aberdeen supporting mates will be getting a wee message soon.
  9. A wee bit of research indicated that Livingstone couldn't score in a brothel.................................ya beauty.
  10. That'll do, Livingstone continue to be dismal in the goal scoring stakes. 3 points, that'll do us.
  11. Every time the defence gets the ball...........................HOOF!
  12. No half, another great cross from Tanser he's got some delivery on him.
  13. TBF the ref's been quite lenient, could have shown a card or two at this stage.
  14. Oh, another great chance for Livvie, living dangerously here.
  15. Was probably to be expected they would come out on the front foot, just need to weather the storm and claw our way back into it.
  16. Oh, great play from Livvie, just past the post.
  17. Looked like an elbow, granddaughter was in so couldn't really concentrate.
  18. That was how they played against Celtic, who were honking but Livvie never gave them anything easy, worked hard for the 90 mins. It was the only game I've seen them right enough.
  19. Not worth getting excited about, it's only a piece of material, doesn't affect the game.
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