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  1. Don't remember that name Rick, I'm sure it was "Bertie" Miller was the assisatnt when I was there. Gym teacher, big bugger who was keen to dish out the belt.
  2. Here, don't want Sonny getting the jail just to keep this thread going.
  3. Funny you say that as I faintly remember discussing this many years ago on this very spot. My early engineers eye couldn't see how this individual could have landed on the spot. Maybe this was the only place his workmates could find to make the gesture?
  4. Very good idea but could be some time, thread is still as fresh as the first couple of days it was posted.
  5. Aye. my granny stayed down at the bottom of Stock Street, wasn't it a dead end? Until the posters above mentioned this I couldn't place it, jeesus, walked past it a million times (Exaggerated but still worth it)
  6. Another boiling day, yeeha, almost beer time. :)

    1. Kendo


      I hate beer, especially when it's hot.

    2. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Arbroath is sunny although about 20 deg colder than Tenerife, never mind. :)

  7. Still stalking and looking for pals I see.
  8. Tenerife is warm & sunny. Heading along to Buddies soon, looking forward to todays game. All the best to all Saints fans. :)

    1. TediousTom


      At this moment in time I am somewhat jealous of you my distant fellow forum member!

    2. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      It's very warm Tom, almost uncomfortable, although cold liquids are a help.

  9. Is it to early to suggest this thread for "Thread of the Year"? Congrats to Sonny and all the input from others.
  10. Normandy tonight, Tenerife Friday, Buddies bar in Los Christianos Saturday......Let's hope for a cup win. :)

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    2. keyboard warrior

      keyboard warrior

      Do we get a few days break from your aye/naw posts then?

    3. salmonbuddie


      That's right, they don't have the interweb in Tenerife.

      Do they?

    4. faraway saint
  11. Christ, have you found your funny bone? What part of Tenerife are you going to?
  12. Ah, Bluto has joined the dark side. Poor Tracy, his sweet dreams are shattered.
  13. Hello pal............................ Back in yer kennel.
  14. Cannie see many going to the rather unfriendly 3 Queens, just keyboard warrior noising up some auld guy and his dug. Have a good day.
  15. Since I'm making the rules......................Aye.
  16. Over 2000 miles from Arbroath to tenerife and back.
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