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  1. Nae snowdrift warning on that station then? : James Blunt new album....................if you like him, a winner, if ye dont, ye'll no like it.
  2. Ah, now Mr Shull, relax, lie down and tell doctor Faraway all about it, what did these bad boys do to you to make you hate them so much? Don't be shy, if they touched you, it's ok to tell, it'll be our secret.
  3. You could have saved a lot of typing and editing by just saying your usual F*CKEM? Whit school did ye go tae?
  4. NIce to see the customer is treated with respect, pair O' plums.
  5. : I like your style, although I'll assume this post comes into the 92% section?
  6. We'll need to stop (almost) agreeing on things, people will talk.
  7. Agreed. Cricket is shite though.
  8. Aye, I've had to endure 229 goals, murder. :
  9. Tedius doesn't cover it, no wonder they drink lots of lager at these joke matches, a cure for insomnia..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Update on Saw Doctors, great if you like Irish folk/light rock music........................... Overall.....................aye, well worth a listen.
  11. Seen the Saw Doctors on a news item earlier, heard a snippet of a couple of songs so just downloaded greatest hits. (Thought that would be a safe introduction) Just started listening, full update later.
  12. In case you've not checked for a while, the petty cash box is EMPTY, so just you do that, keep it.
  13. Fcuk im, it's my thread, a One free zone.
  14. Aye, but you don't coont, so running totals NOWT!
  15. All I can say is that I've been very unlucky.
  16. 235,000 copies sold in one day, wonder if that counts illegal downloads?
  17. Take That new album, cannie wait till next June.
  18. So I might be right after all? Told ye.
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