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  1. aha! not the band just the realisation that if really actually bother with this site then you can find it without needing help.

    I now have the plain black background which is suitably happily gloomy :)

    Try the bottom left, theres options there.

    If that works, let me know. :wink:

  2. Smell the man's posts, they stink of JonJorg, 25 years + after it closed, wannabe wee loaf making hippy bastard.................

    You sound very angry Mr Sandman, maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor, I'm sure he can put you in touch with some other professional who can help you lose this anger. huh.gif

    If that disnae work, GET A FCUKING LIFE. tongue.gif

  3. Miss Saint.....that Faraway person is always like that on the match day thread...but to be honest i just think he is post building...hes like that,for example...."ok guys...only 5 minutes to go" doh!!!!!!

    yes but seriously ( always a bad way to start a sentance),ive sat many a day (when i cant get to a game) and i happen to notice Mr Faraway post building,i do have a chuckle laugh.gif but its always noted.....almost as much as your obsession with the "buddette's" thread....but we can only blame William for that wink.gif

    anyway.....back to far far away.....he does look like sherk tongue.gif


    Aye well noticed, please read yer posts before hitting that "add reply" button. rolleyes.gif

    PS The "caps" button is near the left hand side of your keyboard, go on, give it a go. tongue.gif

    ETS Your getting me mixed up with someone else, that "5 minutes to go" isn't one of mine, although I might give it a try when the season starts. laugh.gif

    You might be right about Sherk. laugh.gif

  4. Mr Faraway, I can post you pants for an agreed fee, you sound skilled in such transactions.

    If you were lurking about for weeks and this is your contribution watch the door disane hit ye on the arse on the way oot. dry.gif

    ETS Your status set as some lyrics from a song shows great imagination. blink.giftongue.gif

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