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  1. Who are Greenday? Listening to Rolf Harris.
  2. Still no convinced, might need to have a chat with Linda to confirm some details?
  3. As you didnae show up at the pie stall last week I'll need proof you really attend games. I have picture proof from last week, you don't, are you sure you really exist?
  4. Where were ye? I bought the pie, waited and waited..........................had to eat it. It's great being a FFF, what a special day.
  5. Just had hearty breakfast, FFF T Shirt looking good, leaving soon to fill the car, then off. Should be there about 2, wander about, take in the atmosphere, get in about 2:30, settle down and get set to stuff the Bairns into oblivion.
  6. How will I recognise you? I might buy a pie for the wrong person.
  7. Another couple of hundred miles the day and another win.
  8. The drinks are on me, pity you "cannae go"!
  9. I have no idea who you are talking about but I'm planning to be at the Falkirk game, and I'll be buying fcuk all. Next?
  10. Aye, good point. I noticed that myself, certainly you'll never score if you don't have a go, on target is probably a good thing as well.
  11. Sorry, I'm worrying about our own team, what happens, good or bad, to the OF means little to me. Wonder if Gus concentrates on them as well?
  12. All FFF's, todays the day we make ourselves part of the real supporters, we will be there, we will support our team and we will talk of this day for years to come. Traveling hundreds/thousands of miles to be there against the odds, showing we are St Mirren in our hearts. Get right intae them! (If we get beat, someone find that damn delete button )
  13. Aye, Man U v Liverpool. There must be a bagfull of FFF's attending the final, rack up them miles.
  14. That's quite a lot of miles, takes us over 20,000. Hope the ST holders appreciate the effort we put in.
  15. Glad that's clarified, now 5170 & "A F*ckin long way"
  16. Don't you know? Ask the pilot, he'll tell ye.
  17. Sorted. Now, I've told you before, fcuk off outta here, your barred.
  18. Aye, just getting hame, then they don't go.
  19. Ok all FFF's, done a total off all miles that I've been told about, comes to 5170 miles That disnae include all O' Shulls micro trips! If anybody has made a trip and have not posted or messaged me please do so. Cheers. Robert
  20. When we win we're happy, when we lose we're no, how's that work?
  21. Will do Mate, and my miles will bost it buy over 200. Note to Self: Get the fcuking total done soon!!!!
  22. Aye, agreed 100%. I'll have a thought today at the appropriate time. RIP.
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