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  1. Born and brought up in Paisley, and having honed his talents on the cycle routes of Renfrewshire, congratulations to Jack Carlin who won Olympic silver this morning for Team GB in the Men's Team Sprint
  2. He's a couple of days, at least, behind the rest of the world. God must have had a day or two off.
  3. The last orders thing is strange? As we all know throughout this there's been so many bonkers decisions I'm almost beyond caring There's got to be a time soon that there's no more rules, recommendations or restrictions for people and businesses to hide behind. Enjoy the break. 👍
  4. Malmo 2-1 Rangers, last kick of the ball, a lifesaver? Malmo aren't as strong away from home. Fancy Rangers to overcome this now after that last kick of the match goal.
  5. I see the team that put Celtic out are getting pumped 3-0 by PSV. Gives some perspective how much Celtic are all over the place. When do we play them, soon I hope?
  6. Malmö 2-0 Rangers, told ya. 😆
  7. Malmo 0-0 Rangers, not watching it but looking at the stats not a lot of chances being created? I did think this would be a tight affair when I looked at the form earlier today. Half time.
  8. You can also edit the thread title some time after it's been started, see he's being a fanny in the other football thread.
  9. I knew that, the earlier post was referring to not being able to edit at all on the new version. I see he's still loving being the forum clown.
  10. On this occasion, not the loonball, edit function is still available.
  11. Top right hand corner, three wee dots, click them, gives you the edit function.
  12. Out of interest any numbers on no show. Supporters?
  13. Hopefully? I'd be expecting more than hope.
  14. Every year, unacceptable excuses, reasons would/should be sorted.
  15. That's a key point, an annual event yet some always deflect it away from the club. I mentioned previously every pre season is an important time but this season was even more so after the last 16 months as many will be wondering if it's worth the bother after getting out of the habit.
  16. Confucius say....................Empty words do not make a sensible conversation ................... I'll leave it at that, there's only so many "mitigating circumstances" one can take.
  17. Could you be more precise as this term has been thrown around since day one and, as yet, there seems to be little/no evidence of any improvements to the running of the club?
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