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  1. On the prices issue, we just looked at a wee sail around Loch Tay, small boat, would be nice to see the scenery FROM the loch. £40 an adult! So, you're a young family, 2 children (£25 a child) that's a staggering £130 for 90 mins. Rip the arse out of tourists, our national shame.
  2. Not sure if I'll touch this, had a wee look at the recent results for Malmo, don't lose very often but it's hard to tell how decent the opposition have been.
  3. Until I arrived I wasn't sure THIS could be true, it is! This swill be mentioned in my review, I've a good mind to use the bedsheets. PS We did bring extra supplies.
  4. Malmo v Rangers tonight, 6:00pm KO. Shull will have his sash and flute all looked out.
  5. Some opinions on Scott from actual Hull City supporters....... Never really settled at City due to bad luck with injuries. The few games he did play he was used as a winger. There's a decent footballer in there somewhere Good afternoon, what I have seen of him has been poor , mind you he's been injured a lot . So good luck if you sign him as there is a decent player in there 😉👍 He just not settled at city had injuries and couldn’t get a run in the team. He did well before he joined us they is a good player somewhere in him. When he played didn't really show much score a worldie goal in a cup game but just goes missing alot of the games and has big issue with confidence. He desperately needs a loan to get his confidence back
  6. Try speculation thread. 😆😆😆
  7. I'll make my own mind up, it's the way I roll.
  8. Young, only 20, so plenty of potential. Hasn't scored many goals. Not a criticism, just looking at his record.
  9. Flippin recommendations, it's all the council's fault. Anyhow, it'll not spoil my holiday.....it's not even my department. 😆
  10. I get this, ignore the DFS advert, at the top of new threads.........................seems the only major change here anyway? PS Seems the information on posts etc is inconsistent, not showing on every thread? Not sussed out why as yet.
  11. Display on laptop is ok here mate, same as it was previouslyTBH.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^ Have a wee read of the Hearts forum, not a lot of love, quite a few recognising we're a decent side and some concerned about them getting a result. Quite amusing the level of anger. https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/193294-st-mirren/#comments
  13. The Aberdeen forum did have people mention Hedges was injured but no one could give a reason on the omission of Kennedy. I asked a mate from Aberdeen, he had nothing for certain, only rumours, so no point repeating them.
  14. Oh, getting back to my original question, the Sky Q box does provide me with top quality broadband. Getting the same speed I get in the house, around 50Mbps, and also gives me broadband in the garden. We also got the Nintendo Wii a HDMI adaptor which works a treat, All in all having Sky, my Firestick working, strong broadband means "Number 10" is almost like an extension to the house. Called it Number 10 as that was the number in Andrews Street my parents lived in for many years.
  15. Hearts have already come in from 11/8 to 5/4, suppose beating Celtic has seen them become more fancied. Early season matches quite difficult to call, although I have trouble calling games at any time of the season. I'll leave my prediction till nearer the game.
  16. I'm not so sure it is as surely hotels would be following this "recommendation" yet we were in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and nothing like this was mentioned. As for protecting staff, I'm sure suitable PPE would do that job. Aye, the prices in Scotland have always been eye watering/overpriced IMO, Dick Turpins relations the lot of them.
  17. ^^^^^^ Really scraping the barrel here, let's leave it as it matters not a jot, end of the season is all that matters.
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