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  1. Indeed, and I would be writing to my local MP.
  2. I meant the bevvy merchant ya trumpet.
  3. Ah but, what about all his personal issues?
  4. ^^^^^^ This is another "copy and paste" post. We're done.
  5. I hardly go near your posts, there's no point. You fail to see people can disagree without it being a personal issue. You can't expect people NOT to get pissed at your relentless, and tedious, blinkered approach.
  6. You've not lost the skill of regurgitating other people's posts.
  7. You're a "victim" of your never ending desire to keep pointless issues going. I happen to agree there's serious "nit picking" going on with your posts but you should be asking yourself why is it only you? If you can't get a serious answer try this............... PS I have had, and still do, had my followers, but tried to starve them of excuses over the last spell.
  8. Leeds 0-3 Liverpool, Mane, who should have scored 2 or 3, finally scores. A skelping for Leeds. 91 mins.
  9. Watching the Leeds v Liverpool game, which I thought could have been close before kick off, this looked a cert...........................it was.
  10. You didn't just give the benefit of doubt, you rolled out a hunner totally made up reasons not to eject him, only missing out the classic mental health. No wonder the worlds gone to feck.
  11. Leeds down to 10 men, didn't really see the tackle but the result looked serious for the young Liverpool midfielder, taken off on a stretcher. Leeds had little chance with 11 men, next to no chance now.
  12. Once you've told us about. Pervert.
  13. Just to clarify, I'm far from rolling out the bleeding heart approach, he knows the rules. You've made an awful lot of assumptions here so I'll make a few....................... He's a raving bevvy merchant, probably been in the pub for hours before the game, will be shouting shite throughout the game and go home and throw his tea at his wife just because he's an arsehole. How's that?
  14. Leeds 0-2 Liverpool, stuck a few bob on Liverpool to score next goal at half time, one way traffic. Leeds need a win soon, this is game number 4, two draws and, barring a miracle today, 2 losses. 52 mins.
  15. FFS, coming from the guy who loves going into ladies toilets.
  16. Leeds 0-1 Liverpool, Leeds getting a lesson, already whispers of them having the 2nd season syndrome, struggling to regain the highs of last season. 34 mins gone.
  17. Quite right, if you can't do without alcohol for a couple of hours you've got a problem.
  18. My money's on the new BuddieinEK & Bazil thread.
  19. Hearts 0-0 Hibs, half time, only caught the last 15-20 mins, end to end stuff. Could go anyway IMO.
  20. The main event tonight, Djokovic v Medvedev. Won't be staying up for this, it's got 4 or 5 sets written all over it. Nothing much between them but the cheating Serb usually finds a way.
  21. I did think it was a bit tight. Never mind, a win's a win.
  22. I enjoyed the final mainly because I had a vested interest. It was the same going back some years, liked watching Henman, Murray, well, that speaks for itself so I watched a lot of tennis. Since Murray has slipped away not so much but Raducanu, and it's early days, certainly has reignited my interest. The hard work starts now, maintaining this level/standard will be a bigger test.
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