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  1. Rangers 2-0 Brondby, dubious decision as it looked offside, even after VAR, looked well offside. @shull will be overjoyed. 31 mins.
  2. In case you missed it.............. RANGERS 1-0 BRONDBY.
  3. Rangers 1-0 Brondby, quite a decent start, goal has been coming, great header. 19 mins.
  4. Eh? It's people, like you, posting utter shite that continue to slow down the obvious positive effects of the vaccination.
  5. I can't be there that early, granddaughter to amuse Saturday and Sunday before she heads of to McDonalds about 11:55.
  6. Splitting hairs., more deflection, already avoided a couple of points, run along, you must have someone else to bore?
  7. Jack has asked me and you to give our thought's in The Bull on Friday night, I'll do it via Zoom.
  8. Now you believe what the kids were thinking yet my belief is not to be considered reasonable? Oh my, you are a diddy.
  9. Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) have joined calls for a firm stance to be taken over the latest vile incident in the Czech capital. Executive director Piara Power believes there is only one option for the governing body - to kick the club out of the competition altogether. He told Sky Sports: “I think any reasonable observer would have watched that, and as I understand it the BT Sport commentators picked up on it as well, and questioned why this one particular player was picked out.
  10. You're getting mixed up, due to your obsession with me, with boredom and running away. For the record, I wouldn't be running away from you anytime. The previous incident at Ibrox, SURELY, is a factor in this? Why else was he jeered throughout?
  11. Brilliant, we're done, you're dullardism is proving too much for me.
  12. Apologies, I'd assumed you were aware of the shocking abuse that happened at Ibrox.
  13. Why did you reply to my post, are your eyes painted on that you missed a similar view? It MAY not? Time to increase your "anti stupid" pills, they're not working.
  14. Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) have joined calls for a firm stance to be taken over the latest vile incident in the Czech capital.
  15. Genuine answer, because of the recent history. Genuine question, why was he the target in the game where the guy called him a monkey?
  16. UEFA don't see it so that's ok then, because................................insufficient evidence? What is your view on the incessant jeering EVERY time he touched the ball, they didn't like the colour of his boots?
  17. It was ONLY Kamara who was boo'd EVERY time he touched the ball. Only a fool wouldn't see that for what it was. Away and have a look at yourself, condoning racism, shame on you.
  18. Eh? Every time Kamara touched the ball their was booing, and from schoolchildren into the bargain.
  19. Never knew this....................... Who remembers the lions and other animals from the museum? Thankfully some of them still exist and are in storage in The Secret Collection (9 Hight Street, under the old Littlewoods.
  20. Brilliant, one of these "nuisances" from Insulate Britain getting tied to a fence by a passing motorist.
  21. Not quite sure why knickers are getting in a twist about this. ANY mass gathering could be seen as questionable. No more concerts/sporting events etc? Gies piece.
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