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  1. St Johnstone 1-0 Rangers, well deserved as, after the break, they have looked lively. Expect a reaction from Rangers, been lackluster so far. 50 mins
  2. One thing I can rely on is you making a cnut of yourself time after time. 🤡
  3. I was, clearly, refering to the figure I quoted. 😂 You, at that stage, had made no mention of any figures. What a clown. 🤡
  4. St Johnstone 0-0 Rangers, Saints coping pretty well, not a lot of saves from either goalie right enough. 38 mins.
  5. Where, exactly, did I question your statement? You're an utter moron. 🤡
  6. Aye, as no one mentioned profit, but thanks anyway. Need to go, football to watch.
  7. Your earlier post lost me, who mentioned the figures you quoted, certainly not me. I initially mentioned the £187m number.
  8. How much doubt is there about this game going ahead? 😂
  9. I was at work, at that time communication wasn't as instant as it is now but I happened to have a friend who lived in the states and she was messaging me, Yahoo messenger as I recall, as it happened. Still couldn't take in what was happening until I got home to see the coverage, words couldn't describe what I seen on TV.. When the first tower collapsed I found it hard to believe, jaw dropping moment.
  10. Just seen the final tonight is on channel 4. Great, channel 138 on Sky, full HD coverage.
  11. Pacini's was a wee cafe on the corner of Caledonia St/Blythswood drive. They then opened the chippe further along Caledonia Street. Also "used" the paper shop on Caledonia St, Adams in the early days, then changed ownership to Alex somebody, can't quite recall his surname.
  12. A sad anniversary, an unimaginable tragedy then and now. Almost 3,000 people gone. RIP every single one.
  13. Simpler times, if you came across 3 or 4 bottles you were immediately rich. I seem to remember it was threepence on a bottle? Sometimes the money was spent immediately, other times saved for Mr Whippy on a Friday. Decisions decisions.
  14. 9 years ago Andy Murray produced one of the greatest sporting moments in my lifetime. The US Open final against Djokovic, 2 sets up, he was clawed back to 2-2 when Djokovic started to look like the winner he somehow produced winning tennis to win the tournament. I sat up until almost 3:00am, with work the next day, and I was just buzzing. Sport at it's best, two guys finding a way to produce excellent tennis and on court for almost 5 hours. Tonight Raducanu can become an instant legend, at such a young age, the hardest thing is to sustain such a high level of tennis. Murray certainly sustained it, the greatest Scottish sportsman in my lifetime.
  15. I will, probably, be "streaming" the game unless I fall asleep. As for 2-2, 16/1 seems as unlikely as you being "Pricky", although nothing is impossible. Recently we've seen Animal (Lord Pity Me) fannying about with some stupid attempt to disguise his continual attempts to criticise the club. Shull has/had so many I doubt even he knows who the feck he is.
  16. Why did you change "Pricky" to "Fricky? No real issue, he was/is an utter waste of oxygen, not my issue if you happened to come across as similar.
  17. I'm glad I'm alive, despite the usual up's and downs people experience without resorting to blaming mental health, the government or everybody else. Thanks to my parents I am what I am............................my mum was Gloria Gaynor.
  18. A forum member would have a meltdown watching Gogglebox tonight, every person is non white. I feel a letter of complaint coming on.
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