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  1. Aye, Craig has certainly maintained the standard, if not bettered, of the previous Bond actors. Must get this booked, not seen/heard a bad review to date.
  2. Dunn Square, stunning in it's day. This pic was taken about 1960.
  3. Getting excited, a crunch game, great to be in with a shout of grabbing 2nd spot with only a few games to go.
  4. Let me try to clear things up, obviously the volume at Underwood road isn't a trickle but they, as I said, like many business's, will be "utilising" Covid. As for St Mirren, if mail is a week behind, then after the first week, it's steady so there's no reason for the club to be concentrating on sorting, whatever that means as a time consuming exercise.
  5. There was a news article the other day about staff shortages at Underwood Road, due to the number of staff isolating, resulting in it taking up to a week to deliver some mail and all deliveries being cancelled some days so the staff could concentrate on sorting. I'm afraid that's hard to believe. The volume of mail would be slightly more than a trickle, hardly enough to grind to a halt. Covid being used as another excuse for poor service, as many companies/organisations are doing.
  6. I see Paul Merson is selling his soul AGAIN, some programme on next week about his gambling addiction. Well past hearing about him, gies piece.
  7. Where's all the whining about prices or is it just Livingston that get this crap EVERY time we play them?
  8. If only we had SOME form of moderation.
  9. No injury worries ahead of this crunch game, that's good news. It's in out hands, get into them early, no fannying about please.
  10. It was my wedding anniversary yesterday, a day late but thanks.
  11. You see my new troll likes ANYTHING you post in reply to my post? Such a sad trait......................
  12. I happen to think they are better than relegation material, although it's, at this stage, certainly looking like them and RC and Livingston(e) @FTOF Things can change very quickly, best we don't get too excited. It was only 2/3 games ago WWE were in that mix.
  13. I don't get this "overpaid" term as some sort of negative? If anyone is on a good salary does it mean they don't deserve it? The players, on the whole, are miles better than most countries and therefore deserve the rewards.
  14. We would, won 1 drew 1, but we have never really played well against them. They are no mugs but this is one of them "must win" games. Israel have already played Denmark twice, another reason we really need a win.
  15. Yip, Limmy, as funny as a dose of the crabs.
  16. A reminder of the table, beat this lot, we're due a win against them, and that puts them 4 points behind us with 3 games to play.
  17. Bump......................the REAL thread.
  18. He's never paid any attention before, why start now. 🤡
  19. Worked a treat. I'm attending an event in Glasgow next month, not sure I'd need this but better to be ahead of the game. Thanks again.
  20. Liverpool 2-2 City, the genius that is De Bruyne, 80 mins A game and a half.
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