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  1. Saints v Montrose. 1976/77 Taken by my Saints supporting mate as we were both brought up in ibrox and hated the OF sectarianism. I was hooked on day 1 on the atmosphere, the style of play and the connection the fans had with the team. I rarely missed a game, the highs and lows of which few OF fans would get close to understanding. Anglo Scottish cup win, Scanlon screamer v Celtic, Beckett screamer v Celtic. Bobby Torrance late winner at Ibrox. Losing to lower league teams in cup games too numerous to mention. Great days, great memories
  2. If Main is on a long contract then pay him off. Costly as it may be it will be costlier to hang on to a so called striker who offers very little to the team. We don’t necessarily need a proven goal scorer, more someone with hunger, potential and a chance to prove themselves. We seem to be handicapped by a number of players who cannot and will not improve no matter how hard they try. We have signed players with a known poor scoring record hoping that we would be the place where it would suddenly happen for them. It hasn’t, so cut our losses. Maybe Brophy is in the same bracket.
  3. At least 2 out of 3 below us look like losing thank. God
  4. Our older players seem to have fear running through them which the young lads haven’t learned yet. Get Offron and maybe Dennis( who should still have a pint to prove) on and just go for it.
  5. I can just see the heads go down. I know mine did😥
  6. Early goal conceded. Should we now just go for it? We are likely to lose by a few anyway having given away the early goal. We should now just play without fear and get stuck in.
  7. I’m more worried about us due to having more first teamers back. I was quite relaxed in midweek with the kids playing. In saying that a decent result today coupled with a productive early transfer window could turn our season around. I have had my doubts about JG but the players clearly have some fight under his guidance and that is testament to his man management skills.
  8. Be prepared for an hour added on time if it’s still 0-0 at 90 mins
  9. Nightmare? Nah just passing the time on a forum I enjoy and wish I was back up the road watching games in the flesh. If I give the impression of being overly zealous then blame my English teacher who tried in vain to get me to say and write what I meant.( some memory, I left school in 1977)
  10. You do know I wasn’t talking about the vast majority of people?
  11. I did say “ I’m not one for conspiracy theories “ I also said I think the spfl wants us relegated. Nothing to do with conspiracy per se, it’s just an opinion. For what it’s worth I think they need to rethink their criteria is it was set before the more transmissible omicron variant decided to show up. A crowd tonight, however small is an opportunity for it to continue to thrive. On a personal note I had covid last year and was off work for 5 weeks and couldn’t climb a flight of stairs for 6 months so anyone who tells you it’s just a cold you have my permission to boot them in the stones. l
  12. Not one for conspiracy theories but it does appear that the spfl wants us relegated. Also understand that this isn’t Celtic’s problem but for the sake of sporting integrity they could have supported St Mirren’s request( not a chance I know ) Two very heavy defeats could ruin our season which is already in the balance. This far from a meaningless game and I will be shouting at the telly as usual cos I’m an eejit who loves his team. Imagine we won!
  13. Pedantic to say the least. It’s a building where people will be gathering. People are the public the last time I looked
  14. The game goes ahead in a building which has a confirmed covid outbreak putting more people at risk. Somebody in the league set must really hate us. Would Renfrewshire council have the power to shut the stadium down to control the spread of infection ? The spfl shouldn’t have the power to decide this. It isn’t a football matter, it’s a public health issue.
  15. They are clearly vulnerable at set plays. Such a shame we don’t have anyone who can exploit that weakness as it would seem that’s the most likely route to score against them. Let’s hope for a bit of post cup final flatness from them. Also thought that they looked hungrier than hibs today, we need to show some desire to take the game to them or we will get overrun. They chased every ball down when they lost possession. Match that and we have a chance.
  16. As I said, if you read it correctly, it was tongue in cheek. I naively wish it didn’t happen. Wind yer pious necks in.
  17. Goodwin spotted at hampden with his young son sporting a Celtic scarf. Of course his son, and indeed himself can support whoever he likes. Should he have been a bit more careful( don’t know how with tv cameras at the game) given the fact we are due to play them on wed. We, and other teams, have had to contend with this since football began. I just wish, somewhat naively, that employees of st mirren( and their weans) should not show open allegiance to other teams. A tongue in cheek view but I do get a bit pissed off when it happens. Thoughts?
  18. Seems to be on the way out at Dens. Is he the type of player we should be looking at? Always thought that with the right guidance he could flourish but he has never reached his full potential. Too much trouble or worth the risk?
  19. Now a goal down early in 2nd half. Not only do we not score we can’t break teams down when we go behind. Fast losing patience with Goodwin and his stifling tactics.
  20. Might be a total irrelevance to todays game but I for one was very disappointed that our keeper publicly criticised his team mates for not winning games. It’s something that should always be said behind closed doors. I’ve felt for a while that team morale and togetherness wasn’t quite right. Goodwin also often praises the away support which seems like a poorly veiled dig at the home fans. 2-0 down after 10 minutes will be a huge test to see if indeed we have the strong characters Goodwin would like us to believe we have
  21. Jim Goodwin is rightly regarded as a legend at the club. However his tactics are costing us big time. Craig Gordon is famous for his shot stopping ability but has a huge weakness with crosses dropped to the edge of the six yard box. He stays glued to his line and has conceded often due to this weakness. Now I’m a big dafty sitting on a sofa and can see it, but not Goodwin. He is either too stubborn or doesn’t have the ability to change his game plan. One more rant. Recently I heard him say that if Rangers have an off day we have a chance. In other words we are beat before going on the pitch and that’s the manager! I do like him, honest! But he has to change.
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