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  1. Looks like Robinson’s stubbornness is costing us again
  2. Having watched Fulham at home and every fan was given a scarf I wondered if that would work for us. Say we give every fan a scarf on entering the stadium . It may improve the atmosphere and get more casual fans to commit themselves to the club. Craven cottage looked great and the atmosphere was brilliant which is not always the case there. I appreciate there is a cost implication however we may just entice some more to home games which would pay for the scarves pretty quickly. COYS
  3. bigjerseybuddie

    Mr Gilmour

    For Mr Gilmour to return to be involved but not to be chairman I believe would be a huge challenge for him. He undoubtedly helped to save our beloved club from disappearing and for that he should always be held in high regard. I’m not sure if he would be able to work with a new chairman in place. It feels to me like returning to where you used to work but you’ve been demoted. It would take a huge dollop of humility to remain in his role and not try to run things. He clearly has a great cv so to speak. I just think that we seem to be building a way of involving more of our community in St Mirren and it would take very careful handling both by smisa and Mr Gilmour for it to work.
  4. Not watching game but sounds like we could do with Tait to put a bit of bite into our play. it says something when we are still in the game at this point. One goal however jammy would change the complexion of the game. COYS
  5. Like many others I have followed us for over 40 yrs and I still never learn that it’s not in our DNA to go on a decent run when our hopes and expectations are raised. We just seem to be programmed to f**k it up sooner or later.
  6. Good to see such a strong bench. It’s something we haven’t had in the recent past. If any of those had to come on I would be confident they could do a job and not just make up the numbers.
  7. Because it’s my view of what I was watching. We all see things differently which is what makes it interesting.
  8. Watching on alba and 2nd hibs lad who got the yellow should have been straight red. Both feet of the deck these days surely merits a red. Also Aynga’s yellow was ridiculous just because to Hibees fell over him! As for the game we still look pretty vulnerable but deserve great credit for now as we are clearly trying to play football on the front foot. Well taken goal too.
  9. At the risk of getting sarky answers is the size range accurate or are they “small made” eg for L get XL. Absolute belter and an auld duffer like me is getting one for the first time in years
  10. Must’ve heard me just seen pics on twitter. Spot the black eye to match the strip on Gallagher
  11. Should have Grieve modelling it! looks great. C’mon the all blacks. I’m assuming shorts and socks are black too?
  12. Would love to see our beloved Buddies come to Jersey. Fair number of buds here would make it a great occasion. If any of the players were stuck for somewhere to stay I have a spare room. As long as they could put up with me regaling of great teams of the past and droning on endlessly of unforgettable games. God knows I’ve bored my loved ones senseless over the years. God I still miss going to games.
  13. Going to the Dons and we’ve agreed not to play him? Shoot me down now!
  14. Robinson showed on Saturday that he has a willingness to change formation and personnel and it worked. Credit to him for that. Goodwin was very stubborn in that sense. Like many others I have been very critical of his style and the content of his interviews but I haven’t got a clue whether or not he is a good coach or what his man management skills are like. Anyone who can make Main play like he did on Saturday must have something about him.
  15. Huge, huge result and Robinson appears to have got his tactics spot on. Crucially the players busting a gut and showing bottle. With safety( almost ) assured will we see a more relaxed saints and some of the youngsters given a chance? Hats off to the new(ish) boss. It only takes one game to change everything and today might just have been it. Marching In!
  16. Robinson mentioned the “difficult pitch” in his interview yesterday, so he’s getting his excuses in early. Also, someone in the coaching staff must have the bottle to tell him the truth about Main as Robinson has a Putin like single bloody mindedness regarding his involvement in the squad let alone in the team. He was also bumping his gums about bringing youth through and giving them the chance in the 1st team. No evidence of that yesterday. Give some of them a go next week. Can’t be any worse than the imposters he is putting on the pitch.
  17. Robinson stating that he has only 14 fit and available players. He seems to be missing the fact that his selection and team shape and player management are possibly contributing to our pishness.
  18. I’m no boo boy but this manager clearly has no clue. Hibs had the courage to bag Maloney. I very much doubt we will do likewise with Robinson. no team has the divine right to win a game but he seems to have sucked any belief and work ethic we had right out of the club. the appointment of lasley will make it harder to get rid of Robinson.
  19. Huge game, points so badly needed and Main on from the start. f**k me
  20. Thanks! Nearly spat my porridge out reading that.
  21. Don’t be scared, the last time I hit someone they were off school all afternoon.
  22. I think we can clearly see the players who have been told they can go. Every last f**king one of them hopefully! And take Robinson with them. I’m not annoyed, honest.
  23. I don’t remember a St Mirren side with such lack of heart or pride and I’m a right auld duffer whose seen some poor sides. Where has our identity gone? And Jones falls flat on his face from a promising position as we speak which epitomises everything about us.
  24. Shaugnessy and Dunne what a combination . Not a clue between them utter utter pish
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