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  1. Saying the offside goal didn’t affect the outcome is irrelevant. The rules of the game don’t change just because one team is superior to the other. Fact is the offside decision was appalling, not even close to offside. And, surprise surprise the highlights didn’t show the Christie challenge. Nice to see nothing has changed since I was going regularly. 
    officiating still stinks. 

  2. How can a player be important if he doesn’t fit into the system? If I was McAllister I would be less than happy about a public declaration of that nature( if he did actually say that) if true then that sort of language is for behind closed doors and either help him to adjust or he finds a new club. It smelt of being thrown under a bus 


  3. We tried to be too clever at times and no one picking up the second ball outside st Johnstone’s box. 
    thought erwins play at times was outstanding . We certainly didn’t lack heart, just a wee bit if quality was the difference. As has been said the lads all gave 100% but the Perth saints just have that wee bit extra. On to next season with a couple of good additions and we will be back at Hampden before long.

  4. We’ve just done to county what teams have done to us for years. When you’re down at the bottom end of the table it seems that the fine margins go against you.

    maybe it’s our turn to be on the right side of these things for a change.

    that’s a huge result given our injury list and fixture demands . Well done boys!

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