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  1. I didn't know Vicky pollard frequented this forum
  2. We finished second bottom of the league because the squad wasn't good enough to achieve a higher position. Wholesale change is needed. Let's hope we dont bring in players who play for other teams who habitually finish in the lower positions in the the league. We had the prospect of another season of struggle punctuated with the occasional good result if we stuck with the same players. Exciting times ahead, I'm sure there must be some signing targets already lined up with one or two surprises thrown in. Bring it on!
  3. Would he have been arrested if he had shouted " free pies" ?
  4. Well that's me back on the rock after an unbelieveable few days. Could not believe when I took my seat to discover it was the exact same spot as the 87 cup final. I thought this felt better all round. Again a huge thanks to the offers of help on here. Went back to work today and really struggled to concentrate, I just kept going over the game again and again. Then someone would talk to me and I was kind of eh? What? All day! Got back to jersey to find they had left my luggage in gatwick which had the usual square slice fruit pudding black pudding etc. I feared the worst but got my case later last night and all contents ok. So it's cholesterol on a plate for dinner tonight and then watch the game again. I get the feeling that good times are ahead if we can play our way out of trouble then next season should see us challenging for more honours. I wish I could find The right words to describe how I feel. What weekend!
  5. Saw the amount of tickets sold and I must admit I felt a bit of a panic. Phoned my sister in Glasgow to try and get my nephew to go into Paisley to get tickets. No need says she, I got your ticket this morning. What a girl! So flight booked, match ticket sorted and place to stay. Just wanted to say a massive thanks to the buddies on here for offers of help. I can honestly say I have never been this excited about a game in my life. Then the doubt creeps in, fog bound and can't get out, we are suddenly seen as favourites in some people's eyes and me no likey being favourites. I keep trying to remember it's a day at a time but it's hard to do when you're such a big wean!
  6. Hello jimmy, Blame a certain mr McPhee if the number is a bit ambitious. I believe he is sorting tickets for the game so that we can all sit together. Are you getting your own tickets? Pm me if you want to swell the jersey section. He is also sorting a bus from Paisley. I will be staying with my sister in the gorbals so I'll be walking to hampden but jumping on the bus back to Paisley for the celebrations!
  7. As I stated on another thread but wanted to put it here also, There will be at least 20 Buddies on the Saturday morning easyjet flight. I cannot wait to be at the airport on that morning. I have travelled up for games before but never along with so many others.I just have to get time off authorised but I've already booked my plane ticket so wish me luck!
  8. To car-d bud, blimey this is mental, thank you so very much. What a support we have that people who I haven't ever spoken to let alone met are sincerely offering their help. I cant tell you how humbling that is. Nearer the time I would like to speak to you guys to thank you properly. I have been thinking today about the years that I went home and away with guys like Norrie Jamieson, Kenny McLean, Keith Richardson, Stevie Warden. We all lived in Glasgow at the time and loved the fact that we were amongst the good guys and going to matches for the right reasons. It had that feeling about it on Sunday as we were clearly displaying class in the way we conducted ourselves on and off the pitch. A true football club. That's why I love us so much!
  9. Just want to mention weeian1877 post. That someone who I have never met is willing to help me with a ticket is overwhelming. An incredibly generous gesture. We should be ok but I just wanted to record my humble thanks for your very kind offer. When I went into work this morning we had our regular Monday meeting to prepare for the week ahead. In walks the CEO and walks the length of the room to shake my hand and offer his congratulations and for a brief moment I felt as if I had scored the winner myself! The CEO is a diehard Bristol City fan so he knows about the pain of following a smaller team. A wee footnote on the game itself; it's the first time that Danny hasn't talked Celtic up before we have set foot on the pitch, instead he stressed that we were there to do a job and do a job we did. I think he is really starting to learn. I also loved the preparation the new lad put in, requesting DVDs of Matthews recent games, now that's professional!
  10. I honestly thought that my emotions would be in check today but alas no. Casting my mind back to the last final and my dear Mother dying a few days before the game Her funeral was due to take place the day after the final and my Brother was insistent that we go to the game. We did go and took my Daughter and Nephew and I can honestly say that we just stared ahead for the whole game not really taking it in. It felt like She was saying to me yesterday that this time I can enjoy the final, however we have now got to deal with my Wife being made redundant and cash being tight. That's my trip up now taking a back seat. Or so I thought. I'm sitting reading all these posts and my wife whispers gently in my ear " you have to go, we'll be alright" and the emotion starts again. I know that football isn't really that important but today it feels like it has allowed me to be in touch with my feelings and now I'm planning flights and time off with a sense of privilege and disbelief. Jesus I feel about 5!
  11. Sat watching with my seven year old son who hates football. I watched while he played his DS. Has anyone on here witnessed a poor seven year old nearly suffering a heart attack 3 times? At the third goal I was down the stairs and out the back door before I had calmed down. It's many years since I have felt such emotion. When my wife and my daughter returned from shopping I was on the verge of tears recounting the details of the game( made funnier by the fact that neither of them are remotely interested in football) a fantastic day to be a buddie.finally, to have someone like the Hawk in our team is what made it all the more special. That man is indeed one of us.
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