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  1. Ronnie, first of all there’s no time or place it’s acceptable IMO. Secondly, I’ve seen neither Cooke or Mullen holding the ball up as you describe in any appearance and evidently Goody hasn’t seen it in training either.
  2. No issue with people venting their ire toward Obika on here but the @rseholes who abuse him on a Saturday deserve the perceived suffering he inflicts on them each week.
  3. Can’t really argue with tactics or selection as we were the better side last night. If Kyle scores the header in the first half, who knows? Not sure how McGinn stayed on the park taking Obika off just seems to rob us of any physicality up front. This will be a scrap until the end of the season but we’re capable of playing some decent stuff so we should have enough to be safe.
  4. The first goal was always going to crucial with two teams understandably low on confidence. We got it and went on to win comfortably. St Johnstone may well play worse than they did in the first half next week and win. FWIW for all those bizarrely wishing to overlook McGinn’s contribution I suggest going back and watching the 90 mins again. After a quiet opening 30 mins (as with the rest of the team) he played a significant role working the ball through the middle and was always available to take it from the defence. He also didn’t give possession away once. I liked the balance between him and Foley (who seemed to get further upfield yesterday) and this will give Goodwin a nice selection headache for next week if Flynn is fit.
  5. They were the better side for opening half hour and we were struggling to get a foothold in the game but the goal changed everything. We suddenly had a spring in our step and we’re driving forward. Obika was a handful and Magennis and Foley were excellent. Needless to say we were defensively solid and big Kirky looks like he could play another 10 years at this level. It’s a good three points and we need to take encouragement from it for the coming matches.
  6. Agreed. We have a finite budget and would find it difficult to have the required cover at every position. We’ve got players who can cover but there will be a drop off in quality. Let’s just hope we don’t lose anyone to a long term injury.🤞
  7. Livi have an established format for how they play. That hasn’t changed in about 4 years and when players leave they just go and get others with the same attributes. Whether we like it or not it’s effective and they don’t f**k about with it either. Long ball and feed off the scraps and they are very good at it but they’ve got a few decent players too. We, on the other hand, take waaaaay too many passes to get it forward and when we do we want to play too many passes before we put the ball in the box. The second half was much better but we really need a result against County in two weeks or a familiar pattern is going to emerge.
  8. Squad maybe but if he gets anywhere near the team then we’re truly f**ked.
  9. Listening to Goody’s post match interview that seemed to be the tactic.
  10. Probably because we know he’s pish and wouldn’t be able to hurt us irrespective of how much of the ball he had.
  11. No mate, if you play the percentage game we’d lose more than we’d win and a horsing, even against a good team, can be damaging for morale. Like I said, we won’t set up like that against the teams around us in the league and we’ll bother those teams with the quality we have.
  12. If it’s that easy then how do you explain all the f**king thrashings that teams routinely get when playing the best sides? We won’t play the same way against the teams around us but if we play like this against the better sides, keep it close and have a chance to take something from the game then I’m ok with it. The alternative is that you open up, have a go and leave gaps that the good sides will exploit and punish you.
  13. Three games in and we are significantly better than anyone probably thought when we were toiling in the League Cup. Goody has us well organised and compact. There’s a dig about this team that I really like and I think we have a real chance to challenge for the “top” of the bottom 6 this season. Only 1 goal conceded from open play in 3 games against some of the better sides in the league. Let’s see if we can remain as defensively stout whilst being more adventurous over the next 3 games.
  14. Two good additions. I’d have wanted another striker too, however, if Cooke only out three months now then we’re probably ok as we’ll only play one up top anyway. Good work by everyone to add to the obvious quality of the four on show at Easter Road last week.
  15. I find that unlikely as I was in the old Love Street end with my Dad (a lifelong blue nose) and that part of the ground was full of Rangers fans. I remember cheering our second goal just on half time (McGarvey, I think?) and my old man almost getting into a fight with some idiot shouting abuse at his 8 year old son. I guess they’ll have had the Caledonia end and part of the Northbank so they probably outnumbered Saints fans by about 2-1. Was a big crowd that day, probably about 25,000 and I’ve only seen anything more than 10,000 Saints fans for a Euro night or big cup match. Might be wrong though.
  16. IF we have medical insurance then Tansey would have been assessed when he signed his deal. Like most insurance companies they probably excluded any pre-existing conditions which ruled out any future treatment of this issue which, at the time, likely wasn’t regarded as a problem. Shame for the guy but I’d imagine he can get his treatment on the NHS, he’ll just need to wait like everyone else. Not sure why you think the club should spend £000’s on treatment for a player they believe likely won’t play again that they can’t recoup from insurance?
  17. No doubt the usual suspects and conspiracy theorists will be along to criticise the decision to let him go and provide their own “insight” into the situation.[emoji849]
  18. You act as if Kearney was the second coming of Ferguson. His record with the squad he inherited from Stubbs was appalling and things only turned around when the Chairman and DOF you constantly berate supported him by providing funds and bringing in a better standard of player or do you suppose Hladky and Popescu were on Kearney’s radar during his term at Coleraine?🤣 He wanted to change the arrangement that was in place last season and the guy who pays his wages didn’t like that. Get over it.
  19. Perhaps they weren’t our first choice targets?
  20. All the new guys were good, which was a plus. They’ll get better over the next few weeks and we’ll definitely bring a left back and another striker in this week. Hibs passed the ball about well and their movement was great which took its toll in the final quarter with a few of our guys struggling in hot conditions. A decent performance with contributions from everyone. Still, no points and it would be good to get off the mark v Aberdeen next week.
  21. I don’t disagree that some people decide not to go based on the shite they need to put up with from both sides but there are also a sizeable number who are simply fed up watching us get hosed. People want to watch their team winning. Win more games and more fans come back. The last two and a half seasons are irrefutable evidence of that. Until then? Maximise any revenue streams available.
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