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  1. loomo


    It's ok, I worked out what you meant. I feel really bad about the way I posted what I did, writing things in text and saying what you mean to somebody is a whole different ball game.. Again, I apologise for that
  2. loomo


    If I never had a family to support I would be off ski, John Rambo style, I would find all these (verynicepeopleimnottosayabadwordagainst) and help in the cause of stopping nice families out for a good night getting gunned down.. Are you in the police? The pc gives the game away? Have you got a gun? Is it a speed gun? How many fines have you collected with that, sorry I mean how many lives gave you saved with that?
  3. loomo


    I did yes. Human beings are a horrible species, are you a Muslim?We're you do vociferous????
  4. loomo


    Your question makes no sense, sorry..
  5. loomo


    Yeah your probably right, bit harsh on Muslims and I apologise, I am not a racist and should read what I type.I'll carry on watching innocent people getting slayed, gunned down, tortured and keep quiet..sorry if I have offended anyone, was never my intention..
  6. loomo


    I've just watched people jumping from windows trying to survive and people dragging their dead friends along the road and I'm the bad guy? Adif**kingos you pricks. RIP!
  7. loomo


    No, it isn't. what is your view then?
  8. loomo


    Yes your probably right my friend....There's no point deleting it though, as it's been quoted..
  9. loomo


    f**king dirty coward bastards.. And we are opening our arms and welcoming these cunts in.. f**k this shit.nuke the f**kin lot...
  10. Hope you reach your target quickly, lost my best friend to lupus back in the early eighties, thankfully they know a lot more about it now and how to treat it, best of luck and hopefully your going to record you shitting yourself?? :-)
  11. Is giving him the bullet an option? He will need paid off I presume? Get rid of his sidekick and bring someone in to support him that knows the game a bit better at this level. I spoke to Tom Hendrie last week and he said he would jump at the chance . Or failing that, any of you f**kin idiots that think you could be a good manager that are good with the keyboard pop down and introduce yourselves..:-)
  12. This forum rocks, I thought I was a roaster but some of the imbeciles on here should be under house arrest. Really looking forward to this season and shall only go to a handful of home games, however looking forward to our away days, got a few stadia to tick off.. Give Ian Murray time, good foundations make a strong house, building off of shite does not... Find it a bit strange that some of the idiots shouting for change are on his back already..
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