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  1. Hatrick in the first half for Kieran Offord. Still lost right enough. Might be better get him loaned out at a better level?
  2. Iain Munro was definitely the best player I've seen in Saints colours. Macca was my favourite but not at the same level with St Mirren IMO.
  3. Playing next month just down the road from where I live. Might wander along. 5 goals in 6 appearances so far I see including penalties.
  4. I doubt very much our wage structure is any different from how we compare. Simply that all the 'big' clubs are now in the top division. Last season we over achieved and probably we need to again to finish anything above the bottom two.
  5. That looks very like a team we'd start with in the first League Cup game.
  6. Every signing needs to be seen in the context of who else we bring in and move on. Logic dictates that those players in greater demand will take longer to reach an outcome in negotiations. I'll wait on the squad being finalised before worrying about particular signings.
  7. We also severely lack leadership and dig in the middle of the park. A player like Jim Goodwin at his peak would have made a huge difference IMO.
  8. There was one in Elgin in the 1990s called High Spirits which was a good drinking place.
  9. Positive proof he exists https://twitter.com/saintmirrenfc/status/1323667520314892289/photo/1
  10. A while since we signed someone from Aberdeen 😊
  11. Sounds like the captain will be playing right mid. Contract extension announcement imminent I'd think.
  12. Think that's correct. Aberdeen I believe were the last team to win a European trophy with players all from the same country.
  13. Looks like we'll be running with a smaller squad this season. The academy players will become more important in those circumstances. Are there any that stand out as prospects for those who attend their games?
  14. One of the first gigs I saw at the Apollo. Half the crowd at the front was on stage for a very long version of their Saints theme song Go Buddy Go.
  15. BBC article about the reconstruction in the 1970s. From memory we scraped into the First Division cut in the last game or two. Montrose, Dumbarton and Arbroath finished above us. If I remember correctly the following season went quite well 😄 Hadn't realised Sevco's predecessors were up to no good on reconstruction in the 1960s. So just keeping up the track record then now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52092855
  16. First one is Eric McQueen. Played in the same team as him a few times. I was awful as usual while he was on a different footballing planet to me. Nice guy and hard as nails.
  17. Well Boris thought Brexit was a great idea. Bit of damage to the economy, leave one of world's 3 biggest trading blocs, geo-politics going crazy left, right and centre. No problem. I certainly trust everything he says and it's not completely about his massive ego at all. 😊
  18. Never mind cohesive sentences. Feel certain the Guinness Book of Records beckons for that one. Truly Duracell material. 😊
  19. Could players agree to sign a contract addendum? Not many on PCAs would think. Need to be pragmatic. Still better than the season ending. You'd like to think these discussions are going on. Though of course suits us if not and we only had I think 3 home games revenue to come.
  20. Possible season could still finish the season but it is delayed o the summer I suppose. Can't see the Euros going ahead so no international commitments.
  21. Entirely possible there won't be a fourth "quarter" from a public health perspective. It would then genuinely be pointless. From a pragmatic point of view they can stop the league right now 😊
  22. Wank Broadfoot. General mirth 😂
  23. He's going to have to move quickly as he's only scored 6 in league including tonight.
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