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  1. In 2009, we played Motherwell on a Saturday in the league and then 3 days later, in the cup, on a Tuesday night and the attendance differed by 2 people. From memory, Motherwell brought a much larger support to the Tuesday night cup game with even a few having to down colours and sit in the west stand. Most were heading for the exits as the third goal went in.
  2. Trigger "driving the bus" after scoring against Raith to win the league in 2000.
  3. Any match that doesn't involve St.Mirren, Scotland, Largs Thistle and anyone playing England is like watching boys playing fitbaw in the park. Who cares who wins, just enjoy the game. Unless you have a bet on!
  4. Sounds like a no brainier to me and a fantastic opportunity for John at his age. Better standard of life imo and a chance to play in another English speaking country with someone like Owen Coyle there to help set him up. Only way he would be back in Scotland would be homesickness or lack of playing opportunity. Can't see the attraction of Dundee when living in America. I wish him the best of luck and thank him for his part in making a little piece of St. Mirren history.
  5. Sounds like a great opportunity, best of luck to him.
  6. Pretty sure Sutton and Charlie came in on the final day of the transfer window also which is two months away. That was a stroke of genius (luck, for the haters) by Gus and will be difficult to replicate so let's just get two quality players in now! Fast striker and tall defender would be nice. I think Goodwin will be our experienced defender.
  7. The players out of our price range were possibly ex premier players who Mr Murray thought might move down a division, eg. Clarkson and Carey as opposed to first division players who he may have targeted at Dumbarton. That's my initial assumption. I am looking forward to our more experienced players like Thommo, Goodwin and Gow all buying into the philosophy of the new manager and assistant and in turn influencing the young rising stars of the future. We've seen this previously with experienced league winners such as Tommy Turner, Kevin McGowne and Andy Millen for example. If we can get them playing at their best alongside players such as Naismith, Kelly and Mallan then we have a decent foundation for a title winning team.
  8. Suited me too and was looking forward to it but it has been changed on the spfl website and bbc website to 3pm.
  9. Meltdown will only arrive if we dispense of a player/coach with experience in gaining promotion from the English Championship twice, the English first division and the Scottish second division. Mallan recently spoke highly of Teale with him helping to develop in the u20s and then putting him into the first team. I would hate for us to lose such an experienced pro who seems to get on with the young players who must respect what he has done in the game.I would love to see the experience of Murray, Teale and Thommo all driving the club in the same direction. They all have experience of playing at the highest level so know what it takes.
  10. They should also be allowed to take a bottle of water or fizzy juice into the game similar to England. Do they really think they are going to throw it at a player or official? Or is it so you have to buy it once inside at monopolised prices?
  11. I hope the stewards will also be made aware of this. Whilst sitting in W6, I witnessed two young men move from W1 or W2 to W6 for the second half when the stewards came up and inspected their tickets and then told them to go back to their allocated seats. The stadium was half empty. The guys looked like students or tourists and I've never seen them before or since.On a side note, I would love for St.Mirren to consider an iniative like this for fans...........http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2014/09/16/new-fir-park-flexi-ticket/ I can't make mid week games which there were 4 of last year not including Friday's or cup ties therefore I don't find it worthwhile to buy a season ticket but would certainly buy a ten game match package.
  12. Great news, didn't realise they met on Sunday. So will he be continuing in his player/coach role? I assume the "coach" part can just be removed anyway, similar to it was with Jim Goodwin, without a contract change. Probably more likely that he will be coach but still registered as a player for emergencies.
  13. Is there a likelihood that if Teale is not offered a coaching role that he would retire from football with immediate effect, rather than sit on the sidelines for a year if he is not fit enough to play?
  14. My reliable source has told me that I wasn't there.
  15. Agree with your comments and that former players who become coaches need to to change with the times but so do fans. A lot of top sports' professionals use Twitter on a much more regular basis. Plus, John McGinn uses a PR agency to tweet for him.........
  16. Director of Football: Mark Watte Head Coach/Player: Steven Thompson
  17. So what you are saying is that the leaders of "Scottish Fitba" purposely drew Hibs and Falkirk together in the semi final in order to move the final back a week and therefore afford Sevco the benefit of an extra week's recuperation time IF they make the final?
  18. With either Hibs or Falkirk making the Scottish cup final and potentially the playoff final this means the date could be changed until a week later. An SPFL spokesman said: In the event that either club progresses to both the Scottish Cup final and the play-off final it will not be required to play on 30 and 31 May. An alternative schedule will be announced for the Premiership play-off final. Do you think they will wait until after the second leg of the playoff semi final before they decide? That would be four days before the first leg of the final is due. Or will they make the sensible decision and give the fans some time to organise going to the game? Or will the TV companies decide?
  19. No offence, and with the greatest respect, you are a patronising balloon. Sorry if that comes across as rude.
  20. Not sure there are more winnable games than last season as Hibs and Hearts were the 2 worst teams in the league so I doubt there will be that much of an opportunity to pick up more points. We picked up 5/12 points against Hearts and 7/12 against Hibs. I do believe we could push for top 6 at ICT's expense but I'm pretty sure Partick, Killie and Ross County will think the same as well as the 2 newly promoted teams. I think it will be a very competitive league next year, just a pity it has to be ruined by Celtic existing. Well done to Mr Longwell on the youth development. Not sure how Gus can be criticised for not bringing through guys like J.McGinn as he would only have been about 15 at the time and I'm sure he has grown since then, both physically and mentally, no doubt through the good work of Mr Longwell and others. I'm also unaware of any youth team players from the Gus era who now play at a decent level but to be honest I probably wouldn't know. Are there any? Hopefully Mr Craig will be a nice mix of the good things which both Danny and Gus both brought to this fantastic football club.. The future is bright, the future is black and white.
  21. Pretty sure his brother would advise him to jump at the chance of moving down south. Stephen was unfortunate to pick up a bad injury whilst being a regular with Watford playing in the championship but is now a regular playing in League 1 in front of over 15,000 home fans. To a footballer that is surely better than playing in front of 4,000 odd fans each week earning peanuts. Perhaps not the "English dream" he was looking for but certainly an improvement on where he was. Hopefully he will stay at least another season to establish himself as a first team regular before heading off in the attempt to further his footballing career. Great wee player who is being nurtured well by Danny Lennon, Tommy Craig and the rest of the coaching staff.
  22. http://www1.skysports.com/watch/video/9067882/scottish-cup-fourth-round-replays
  23. I also enjoy interacting with other fans however I don't feel the need to applaud them with ten minutes left in a game which is finely in the balance. This appears to automatically encourage them to back their team through being more vocal. I'm all for the away attendance to be announced at full time whereby I shall happily show my appreciation once the game is finished, I personally just don't feel the need mid match.
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