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  1. Out of curiousity i decided to go on to the pars official website today to look at what info they had put on about tickets for the game Their website shows wednesday 13th Sept Away support St.Mirren fans will be housed in the East stand. St.Mirren fans should report to the away ticket kiosk, located at the rear of the East stand Now thats a bit different from patg
  2. Turned up up at 2.45pm and got in at 3.15pm. Not my fault that Dunfermline didnt bother to tell us of their ticketing plans. Think its harsh to have a go at fans. Only 1 turnstyle opened at 3pm for hundreds of folk. If Dunfermline had stuck their avertised policy of patg and opened 4 or 5 gates as it would normally then it wouldnt have been an issue.. Dunfermline have made a right arse of it. In terms how fans get buy tickets football clubs are still living in the dark ages.
  3. Made the same decision myself, £15 a ticket, a few drinks with friends and an excellent entertaining game against Bath,
  4. Because those who are making the biggest fuss about this have their own agenda to pursue!
  5. we're not the first club nor the last to have announced a signing and then make to look to silly when it falls through, happens a lot.
  6. when i first heard about Harte possible signing on teletext it merely stated that we were interested in him and he would watch our cup game and then make a decision yet, a few hours later it had grown arms and legs and said that we had signed him. Maybe the press overhyped it before it was a done deal and maybe someone at the club got too excited and blabbed. If Harte doesn't want to play for us then that's his problem
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