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  1. Terry Butcher , with a remit to do a similar job , to what he done at Inverness would do or Jimmy Nicholl to be mentor to two experienced players , but one things for certain , we need someone identifying players for next season with effect from now , and getting them signed on PCA,s
  2. To be honest I don,t really care who we keep , I just believe that our best way forward is to sign a group of hard working experienced players , who have played most of their careers in the lower leagues and who would welcome the opportunity to play for a club that will hopefully be challenging for promotion . I don,t think an exclusively youth orientated squad would work , and I think there is good sense in keeping some of the existing squad . But this close season should be seen as an opportunity , get rid of the negativity , and try to build an attack minded team
  3. That's our next manager sorted , and his first signing target If its possible to get a manager on a PCA , that's what we need to identify players in the lower leagues that can do a job , and get them on PCA,s
  4. Trying to be positive here By not renewing Cheesys , Kello,s and Teales contract , we could bring in 6 very good part timers and give them a better wage than they are currently on , Not renewing Wildes , Tesselar , Arquin , Gow , Genevs , and Daytons contracts should allow us to bring in 6 decent experienced Championship standard players and make a few savings I would keep Thompson , Goodwin , Ridgers , Kelly , Naismith , Mallan , McLear and McGinn , Throw in a couple of loanees , and we should have a decent enough squad to compete next season. Attendances won,t be the massive drop as in previous years , and more Saints fans might pay through the gate on a weekly basis if there is a winning team and a feelgood factor . Its about getting the right manager in , and creating a feelgood factor within the club.
  5. You have a point. Don,t know what to believe regarding interested parties , but there was a guy who was awful disappointed his bid wasn,t accepted roundabout Christmas , I wonder if he will be back ,
  6. Jimmy Nicholl would be my ideal choice , loads of experience of wheeling and dealing , well respected , good contacts in the game , doing relatively well with Cowdenbeath , excellent knowledge of the league we are going to be in , and more so an awareness of decent players who may be interested in coming to us , his new role with Northern Ireland may also enable us to get a couple of decent Irish youngsters . Would consider having Goodwin and Thompson as his assistants .
  7. One thing less to worry about now , we don,t have any worries about Sevco buying us to get SPL status
  8. Would keep Goodwin and Thompson on reduced contracts with have them as assistant managers ( let them go if they reject the terms ) , and appoint an experienced manager to mentor them , maybe Butcher or Nicholl , and then identify a three year plan to rebuild the club top to bottom. I don,t think an exclusively youth policy is the way forward , and our starting line up should only contain a couple of under 21 players in it , with another 3 or 4 on the bench . We need to create some enthusiasm and energy about the club , and the rebuilding process should start now . I liked the way Inverness started pre season training very early one season and used the process to more or less recruit a whole team , an approach like that would help season ticket sales and bring about a bit of positivity to the club. As would an energetic and ambitious set of new owners
  9. Perhaps a change of direction is required , maybe an exclusively youth development approach isn,t the way , Maybe its about identifying players in their early twenties who have lost their way , and working with them , Inverness have done very well doing this . We need to generate enthusiasm for next season and starting next season with a team of under 21 players isn,t ideal . A new management team needs to be in place , and trials / pre season needs to start early so we can get together a decent team for the new season and create a bit of buzz about the town . Relegation should be our opportunity to get rid of the staleness and set foundations for the future , getting the right balance for youth and experience .
  10. Relegation should be an opportunity to get rid of all the high earners and bring in players who will graft for the team , Change is badly needed and we need to have somebody in place now identifying who can do a job for us next season , we know where we will be , we will have a decent budget for that league , so we should be trying to get players in on PCA , and create a bit of enthusiasm for next season , who knows if the right changes are made season ticket sales might even increase. My belief though is that next season we shouldn,t be over reliant on youngsters , and should be targeting experienced championship players to get best value from the budget we have.
  11. Going to put £1 ew the 11th - 20th favourites , should give me a wee interest
  12. It looks very much like we are going down , and if we are to stand a chance of coming back up , we need to find that wheeler dealer manager that Stuart Gilmour was talking about in Novemeber , someone who knows the players in the lower divisions and someone who knows the type of player we will need in the lower division , if funds are tight , we need to looking at the likes of Alloa , Livingston , Dumbarton , Cowdenbeath etc and make 7 or 8 signings that will toughen us up and make us competitive next season . I would even consider bringing in Jimmy Nicholl mentoring Stevie Thompson and Jim Goodwin if money is tight . But it is hugely important too get a few seasoned pros in who are used to playing in the championship .
  13. Do we not get a wee bit extra , because he,s captain of the under 20s
  14. I think it was 1980 or 1981 Saints advertised on STV Were we the first team to advertise on TV ?
  15. I,m kinda hoping that Cheesy , Genev and Goody might tighten things up defensively , and maybe get us going on a good run , one always has to try and be optimistic , though one finds it very hard these days.
  16. Assuming the club won,t be sold , and we are looking for a cheap option , what about appointing Jimmy Nichol as a sort of General Manager with a remit to pass on his experience to Teale and Longwall . If its possible could we get Nicholl on a pre contract agreement , so we as a team can make a few pre contract signings and identify hard working experienced Championship players who can get us competeing for promotion next season.
  17. The club was very close to being sold at Christmas , and the interested party was that disappointed the sale fell through , he chose to share it on this forum , there has been interest in the club , and it could be argued that the price has now dropped significantly due to our current situation , which in itself might create more interest . My feeling is that there may be those within the selling group , who may chose to take an offer now , rather than see how things pan out over the next three years.. We certainly need something to kickstart enthusiasm in watching Saints So I think there is a strong possibility that the club will be sold by the end of the year .
  18. The fighting spirit shown by Ross County and Motherwell in recent weeks suggests that they will be no pushovers come the play offs , I was hoping we would also come good , but it seems not to be , hopefully a bit of luck against Celtic and wins against Motherwell and Ross County will help . Also think Forfar will win League One ( got them at 10/1 at start of season )
  19. I hate saying it , but next season should be about a new start , and changes should be made with effect from now to create a bit of enthusiasm about a new beginning . New Ownership , and a clear direction forward would be good Failing that , a new manager and eleven new signings ( experienced players in their mid twenties ) who along with the players retained can enable us to challenge next season , and give us a wee bit of exiting football to watch.
  20. See that wheeler dealer manager we should have had before the last transfer window , well that's the kind of guy we need in place now , to identify potential signings for next season , we badly need 6 or 7 fit experienced player aged between 24 - 29 who can graft in the lower leagues . I hate to admit it , but I think its relegation for us , and to bounce back up , we should be trying to put together a hard working experienced squad to challenge with effect from now . Our other main priority is get us playing in a decent strip five black vertical stripes on a white shirt , if we can,t play like Juventes at least we would look like them.
  21. I,ve changed my mind , we can still stay up if we win our remaining games
  22. I have now accepted relegation , and maybe now is the time to bring Butcher on board , we need to be looking at getting the right players in to help us push for promotion now , I don,t think Teale has the contacts or the knowledge to bring in the right players for next season.
  23. Same here £15 petrol , £22 entry , £5 parking , and £4 for pie and Bovril quite a few bob to watch your team when its struggling , no wonder crowds are so low
  24. John Paton I think was trying to set himself up for a job when he was trying to package the club to sell to Reg Brearley With regards to the club ending up in a mess , there are two main reasons firstly the club spent big trying to put together a team capable of challenging for a European place , and those that were bought were not good enough to sell on at a profit . And secondly we spent loads on building a massive away stand to house average away crowds of 300. The current board of the directors at the time have to take responsibility , and the only thing that they could have been accused of was being ambitious , and wanting St Mirren to do well . I believe that's why our current B of D are being so prudent , as one or two bad decisions can put us down there again.
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