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  1. You can take your tinfoil hat off: https://fullfact.org/health/5G-not-accelerating-coronavirus/ https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/16/science/5g-cellphones-wireless-cancer.html
  2. For the tinfoil hat wearers (aka Daily Express readers) out there: https://fullfact.org/health/new-coronavirus-not-genetically-engineered/
  3. My top 3 at the same age: 1. Lonely This Christmas - Mud 2. Streets of London - Ralph McTell 3. Down Down - Status Quo ETA - don't quote antrin's post, the result is fekkin horrendous - there's a good chance div will mistake your post for one of those spamming efforts we get now and then.
  4. That's not what he does, it's worse. He quotes the post then adds his response to the quote itself. If you then quote his response there's nothing there. Thinking about it, there are more than a few who fall into that category even if they don't misuse the quote function... [emoji846]
  5. That's true, but he still wouldn't allow antrin a vote in Indyref2... [emoji2958][emoji2958][emoji2958]
  6. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/03/jaccuse-2/
  7. The boredom of self isolation...did you know that if you rest one of your testicles on the top of an empty beer bottle, and hold a naked flame at the base eventually it gets sucked inside? If you did know this, and you know how to get it out, please message me...urgently!
  8. I can take lots of abuse, I've had to, but that's a step too far. Wouldn't wipe my arse with that right-wing rag... [emoji846]
  9. Well that's a no-brainer if his/her post is anything to go by. Doesn't make him/her a bad person, mind. [emoji846]
  10. Its origins are uncertain, but Churchill never, ever, thought himself a socialist so it was never him. Not the place (again), where did that other thread go? [emoji846]
  11. It wasn't Churchill ETA "If you're not a socialist when you're 25, you don't have a heart. If you're still socialist at 40, you don't have a brain" Always thought it was GBS but seemingly it's much older with lots of attributions. But I'm brainless, and proud of it.
  12. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  13. Managed to post this in the wrong thread as G-Man ever so politely pointed out. We were due in Cairns at 1715 local time today. Parcelled up all the goodies & gifts we were taking and sent the off last week, the parcel arrived at 1804 local time today. Probably better company than me, anyway (before anyone else gets it in). [emoji846]
  14. Cheers, mate, love and big hugs to you, too.
  15. We were due in Cairns at 1715 local time today. Parcelled up all the goodies & gifts we were taking and sent the off last week, the parcel arrived at 1804 local time today. Probably better company than me, anyway (before anyone else gets it in). [emoji846]
  16. Tesco Renfrew is generally empty so we took a run down to the big one in Port Glasgow for the 9-10 restricted time. We weren't challenged re age (booooo!) but we couldn't go in together, one trolley, one person. The missus stayed outside and I went in and apparently missed the stooshie at the front door. There's a porch with two side doors then the store entrance itself, the porch barriered to make one side entry, the other exit. Along comes wee manky jakey ned and proceeds to try to enter through the exit. Wee wummin tells him he can't get in that way and that it's elderly and vulnerable only, amyway, he then proceeds to shout abuse at her - "f*cking fat speccy c*nt", "I'll have you" were among the phrases the missus quoted. Apparently said he wouldn't be back... Just grateful she stayed outside and not me, think there's a fair chance I'd be in jail right now if I'd witnessed it - got to stand up for fellow fat, speccy c*unts.
  17. Does he want babies to die too? Asking for a friend... That last bit might be made up, I don't have any friends.
  18. Not guilty for all but one of the charges, not proven returned for that one.
  19. f**k them, this is about me! [emoji23][emoji23]
  20. No idea, maybe because I use the Tapatalk app? Certainly not because I'm a moderator, that's for sure. Back on topic, our site closed on Friday but only 2 of us out of 4 with the same role have laptops. Because we're approaching financial year end, because BEIS hasn't relaxed its reporting requirements and because subbies need paying, we got permission for those 2 to attend site tomorrow and Thursday. Can"t see QS's being classed as essential (we know our place!) so I can see twice as much work ahead for me over the next couple of weeks. I haven't used any AL so far this year because we were planning a 4 week trip to Oz in April for a family wedding. I've been told by my line manager that becsuse i haven't taken any AL in the first quarter (HR monitors and reports on these things), I have to take a week off in April. Effectively then, because I'm working, I have to use up my AL and switch off my laptop for a week while those sitting about at home 'available for work' don't use any. Hardly seems fair, looking forward to those discussions... [emoji846]
  21. That's one man being opportunistic and doing what suits him best. Still with you, I'm afraid. ETA - let's do this elsewhere, wrong thread, especially with live TV right now.
  22. I said I wouldn't but... I'm a socialist, I've never advocated any such thing. You first, fascism from socialism.
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