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  1. I think you're right about the pictures, screenshot was the wrong word. My employer has the capability to do it but it would have to be by agreement with the unions. As one of the (9) Senior Reps I'd be dead against it and I don't imagine the rest of them would be any different. Would be...interesting if they tried. [emoji846]
  2. I didn't know about the screenshot part but the rest of it has been available for years, now.
  3. This. Well, nearly - the other way round and you're there. [emoji846]
  4. I know, too obscure? Somewhere, over the rainbow, wae a ??? [emoji846]
  5. Once again you fail to comprehend simple, written English in a convo between two people that's been going on for six years now. [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23] #thichasfcuk
  6. Quality insight there. [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23] Aye, aye, Cap'n, whatever you say. #thichasfcuk
  7. Always love the inability to comprehend written English. #thichasfcuk for a reason. [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
  8. Everyone knows Orchy is short for Orchard St. Well, LJB does anyway... [emoji846]
  9. I don't know either but, if he is, he gets a vote, if he isn't, he doesn't. Simple, really. [emoji846]
  10. It's okay for you, you won't see it, but you've set him off again. I feel like quoting all of those posts so you see them just to get my own back... [emoji846]
  11. They're Australian, it's English as a second language... [emoji846]
  12. Cheers, Yflab, couldn't open the BBC page.
  13. Cheers, mate, but I should maybe have said I'm abroad with patchy internet and no VPN - can't access BBC. [emoji846]
  14. I've only seen the club statement due to patchy internet so asked for more information and wished for a full recovery for someone who tested positive for a virus that can kill people. If that makes me crazy so be it, I'm crazy. On the bright side, I don't prove myself crazy like some people on here do in a never-ending, skim inducing fashion.
  15. I'm on holiday with patchy (at best) Internet access so it was news to me. I've only seen the club statement.
  16. Anyone know who this is? Fingers crossed for a full recovery. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3761-club-statement-6
  17. Can you clarify this "ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME" statement, please, it's not a phrase I recognise.
  18. Even if I accepted that, and I don't, can you now address the elephant in the room. Where are you going to draw the line?
  19. So you disenfranchised yourself then, like my brother who lives in Wales? He votes in Wales only, his wife is Welsh, she voted in Scotland when they lived in Scotland, now she votes in Wales again. My nephew was born in England, Scottish father, identifies as Scottish - does he get a vote? Where do you draw the line? The vote concerns the people directly affected by it, the people of Scotland. Get registered to vote in Scotland, get to vote in Scotland. The precedent was set in 2014 so nope, you don't get a vote.
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