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  1. I totally understand the personal situation but that can't be used across the population.
    For everyone in the bracket you have quoted there will be many many more who will have had nothing or next to nothing.
    South Africa actually have LESS people in hospital and ICU compared to the earlier numbers that Delta had produced. 
    At this stage there's nothing to suggest this variant is more serious than any others. 
    There will be new variants for evermore, are we to close down society every winter?
    Not saying that, and I get what's being suggested by the data, just pointing out that nothing definite is known yet so, imo anyway, we're better erring on the side of caution. But I'm old and risk averse so I would say that...

  2. If its nothing more than confined to bed and feeling shite, it IS mild though. 
    They're both young and healthy and Omicron's done that to them when the other variants had no effect on them whatsoever. What's it going to do to old diabetic stroke victims like me if one of us gets it?

  3. Sorry to hear that. Out of curiosity, are they both double jagged and, if so, what vaccine? Apparently Pfizer is better against this varient.

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    Not sure what they were given but my son didn't get his second jag, it was due in September but he got Covid so it was postponed. And rearranged for yesterday...

    This is actually the third time the dil's caught it (think she's going for a record) and I know she's had both and the booster (for work reasons). She first caught it July last year and lost taste and smell which hasn't come back but this is the first it's floored her.

  4. I hope it's the new variant they caught, less chance of ANYTHING happening to them to talk of.

    You say that, faraway, but my son and dil caught Covid in September, both were completely asymptomatic. The two of them picked up Omicron last week (confirmed by NHS), both confined to bed completely f**ked.
  5. On 10/6/2021 at 6:02 PM, Eric Arthur Blair said:

    I was driving past earlier today,there was a tarpaulin saying "This restaurant is closed, your nearest KFC is...". Couldn't read the last bit, I'm guessing it said Hillington or The Phoenix.

    I was going to reply with 'Probably Braehead' but Callum's reply is much more correct...


    On 10/7/2021 at 6:03 PM, Callum Gilhooley said:

    Every bit as bad as every other KFC ? 


  6. I tried to complete the new Scottish Covid Passport........................no workie, like many people seemingly.
    I'm assuming the download I have of my vaccination status would suffice if I attended any event that required proof of vaccination? 
    Did my own on Friday morning, had real issues and more than a few goes but persevered and got there. It was another 24 hours before the info was fully available, mind.

    Did hers a hour or so ago and it went through nae bother, probably about 15-20 mins from start to finish.

  7. I agree with everything that is said above, now everything is different before we wrote an essay, but now it can be found on the Internet and only time will tell what will happen next. And now children are sitting only on phones and that's it. Even to take an example from school, we read William Shakespeare, for example, Macbeth, and now this is not. It's good that there is a helpful site with limitless information. Where to find an essay is very simple. At least here children can read something and learn something.
    This is just getting silly now@Div
  8. I think that you can use a professional firm in order to write an essay. I am currently using " do my calculus homework for me" which is a pretty good opportunity to write only high quality essay when you are studying in college. I think that it can be a pretty good help if you want to overcome more problems with writing.
    Not the best example of someone using that link - mind you, once again, judging by this post anyway, it looks like more than a few on here have made use of that linky thingmy to 'improve' their written English skills...

  9. I think that you can use a professional firm in order to write an essay. I am currently using getyourassignments.com which is a pretty good opportunity to write only high quality essay when you are studying in college. I think that it can be a pretty good help if you want to overcome more problems with writing.
    There are a fair few on here who could do with this kind of help. Mind you, they're probably the same ones daft enough to click the linky thingmy...
  10. 8 hours ago, Slarti said:

    Aye, that's pretty much what I said. 🤣

    That's pretty much what people with half or more of a functioning brain have been saying for months, now. Which begs the obvious question...that's your cue again, faraway. 


  11. Guys, you should see what is happening with roads and train stations in Europe, especially in countries that are not very developed. The term of repairs is often extended, something is constantly being redone, and so on. But the worst thing is when you can't find out your train schedule at all.
    The only place where I did not feel this problem is Germany. And then only because of the website Deutschen Bahn Auskunft und Bahnauskunft, where there is a schedule of all routes.
    It seems to me that such a service should be implemented everywhere. And so do we.
    I hope that these inconveniences will no longer be present on my next trip to Europe.
    Oh fur fuxake, think Div needs to use one of those "I'm not a robot" things.
  12. The cumulative standardised mortality rate for 2021 is now 0.4% below the 2011-2020 average.
    And the 2011-2020 average is the lowest on record.
    Let that sink in.
    The mortality rate this year is lower than the last 10 years average which is the lowest on record.
    In the middle of a deadly pandemic
    And this information is published weekly and is available with one click. 
    From the man that calls me a tinfoil hat wearer

    It's almost as if the measures taken to counter the pandemic have been effective...
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