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  1. Nice to see so many on here turning the other cheek, that Jesus fella was on to something...
  2. So...having waded through the shite, is it fair to come to the conclusion that the virus is the sky fairy's fault? Thank f**k, takes the pressure off China. [emoji846]
  3. Just as well the pubs are open so I can drown my sorrows, then - I'm outta here! [emoji482][emoji481][emoji1635][emoji481][emoji482]
  4. Sounds good, but I'm a bit worried about the double post. If you get haufers then haufers again, it means I only get a quarter. Don't mind you getting a wee bit extra as a finder's fee but that seems excessive - how about 52.5/47.5?
  5. Was it cos you've got 2 connections noo? [emoji39]
  6. It wisnae that good... [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
  7. Send it on to me if you don't want it, looks like a fabulous deal - almost too good to be true. Hang on... [emoji846]
  8. Cut my commute to work from 45 minutes (each way) to around 5s from kitchen (coffee!) to back room. Saved a few quid on car running costs.
  9. You should probably read back before commenting, too.
  10. Not even close - you suffering from a reaction to your jag?
  11. Have a wee read back. [emoji846]
  12. Is it because, well, ye ken, the Torygraph is really just an English paper, for English people (like a local shop, for local people) and therefore anyone who reads it is OBVIOUSLY English. [emoji848]
  13. Still struggling to see anything anti-English in Ruth Wishart's tweet. Anti-Telegraph readers/Tories (that's just about the same thing, after all) yes, but that's not a bad thing imo.
  14. Got my 2nd today, fully microchipped and feeling better for it. [emoji846]
  15. Mine too, my mother stayed with the practice all her days but I changed to my current doc when my son was born so we were all in the same place. Iirc Dr McGregor was our family doc when I was growing up.
  16. You seem to be well informed about these things @Cookie Monster, any idea how they work the queue, is it your practice that decides the order? My missus is 7 months younger than me and doesn't have any underlying listed health conditions (I'm diabetic) but she had her first before me and gets her second on Sunday while I'm still waiting to hear. The only thing I can think of is that my diabetes has been ignored by whoever decides (it's well controlled) and it's being done in alphabetical order (we're not married, her surname's D, mine M). I'm not bothered, just curious. ETA just logged in and my second jag is a week on Sunday
  17. Didn't want to pollute the Coronavirus thread any more than it's already been polluted but apropos one of the non-covid related posts in there I think we should be getting worried... First this from Slarti: Then this happens: https://www.techradar.com/news/windows-10-hit-by-weird-audio-bugs-including-a-random-high-pitched-squeak Coincidence or Twilight Zone? You decide... [emoji846]
  18. Can anyone translate, I don't understand Swahili. Especially in a squeaky voice like that.
  19. There are some on here who don't understand written English...
  20. Another Peter Weir moment from the leg-end that is the oxter. That's almost word for word what I expected your reply to be, thanks for being such a predictable figure of fun. Incidentally, I left you an open goal and you completely van Vossened it.
  21. Oh ffs, oaky, it's an attempt at a humerous response to your first attempt at a humerous post, don't read things into it that aren't there. Again...
  22. "Mark Twain's a plagiarising bastard" Socrates
  23. The irony is strong in this one...
  24. Aye, but I fixed it - you were too quick. [emoji846]
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