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  1. Defence is awful. Mctominynot a defender nor is patterson. Marvellous goal byMcGinn.j
  2. Celtic look really good going forward but honking at the back. They try to p!ay out but just cannot do it. Aberdeen poor so far.
  3. Brilliant 10 minutes from Celtic then they lose another goal. Leverkausans goalie has made three or four superb saves. Celtic have also missed acoupleof sitters. 3-0 leverkausen.
  4. Celtic play some nice stuff but cannot defend. The boy Turnbull is highly rated but his passing is woeful.
  5. 1-0 Leverkusen. Turnbull. Fell on his arse and gave them a goal.
  6. Celtic. V. Leverkusen. First 20 Minutes excellent entertainment. Could be 2_2 already.
  7. Raith rovers 1 dunfermnile 1. Goodgame. Rory Loy doing the co-commentary. I thought he was very good.
  8. Chelsea goalie DiSallowed. Player 2 yards offside. Why doeslinesmannot flag? Someone will end up with a broken leg due to this problem. You would be as well doing away with linesman.
  9. For a 0-0 this was an entertaining match. Arbroath's centre was a big strong player.
  10. Quite a good game. United on top but West Ham very good on break.
  11. United beat dundee1-0. Not a bad game if you like it fast and tousy. Goalie should have saved the goal. Dundee nearly equalised late on.
  12. Now 4-2.interesting tactic to defend with no full backs. Every ball knocked wide has no cover at all. Certainly entertaining
  13. Main problem started when gate money stopped. Being shared. Good luck reversing that.
  14. Most of them American owned. Always suspicious of them. Probably no relegation and a draft system.
  15. Great result. Now beat Israel and probably lose to either the Faroes or Moldova.
  16. Great save by the goalie but we have to play slightly up the pitch.
  17. Think Patterson will be become a very good player but he is not there yet.o'donell has done ok.
  18. Ball not inplay. As I feared we are sitting deeper. I think we are scared of winning.
  19. Fear we will sit back and try to hold on. Asking for trouble.
  20. You are probably right. I just have a natural dislike of VAR
  21. If our final ball was better we could have been in two or three times.
  22. First 10Minutes very open. Both sides had chances.
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