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  1. Patrick trying to kick living. 1 booked should have been 2
  2. Was at the racecourse today for about 4 hours. Thourally enjoyable day. Never heard a mention of royal wedding or cup final until I ended up in harvies with about 20 minutes of the cup final Togo. Weather was excellent and a good crowd to watch the bands.
  3. See in today's paper livi are putting in a plastic pitch. Maybe just as well harry is away.
  4. How bad must Ross county be to finish below this keech.
  5. How on earth having Patrick still got 11?
  6. Live boy went down very easily looking for a red card for the thistle player. Would have been better staying on his feet and try to score. Whatever you think of Lee Millar he is still a good player.
  7. Livi the better team but both very poor. Thistle goalie not keen on high balls which is a problem against livi. Referee Thomson looking totally disinterested as usual.
  8. Excellent points TT. Chances are we will be back to the usual 400/500 travelling supporters by January.
  9. Seems harsh particularly on allerdyce. Hope they both struggle next season. Play lovely attacking football but get relegated.
  10. Ireland,s problem will be when the majority of their team retires seems to have been the same names for a very long time. I have no idea what they have coming through.
  11. Always find it amusing when you have players who have obviously practised celebrations for hours but can only use one foot when playing.
  12. Obviously not by running towards or gesticulating at opposition fans.
  13. Proper ground. Have you been there recently TT?. Main stand is an accident waiting to happen and only three sides to the rest of it. awful ground but closer and lots of pubs nearby.
  14. Wdwb. What is the problem. Scottish cup final. Other football. What is wrong with that?
  15. Saves the supporters buses a few Bob. N o dingwall or Inverness. Nearly £1000 a time.
  16. Strange none if the last day was televised. I watched EFL football all day when I would have rather watched spfl finale.
  17. Think referee Robertson must have united on a coupon as he has given living her haw
  18. Referee just missed a blatant hand ball against mohnsi. Standard of refereeing beyond a joke.
  19. Live give away a poor goal. Game on.
  20. United hopeless defensively,especially Durnan.
  21. On Official site. reilly offered terms awaiting answer. Davis offered terms . turned down returning to England.
  22. Referee proving what an arse he is. Craig Thompson has been hopeless for years.
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