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  1. Baird is the only one with pace. Davis and McKenzie together are a bit slow.
  2. Can anyone confirm bust time for brechin?10.15 on official site 10.45 in pde
  3. All about diversity. We do not have enough ethnic mix
  4. Do not think the players really care what the punters think.
  5. Manager does not agree with you on griffiths. Wee bit strange.
  6. Sinclair very poor this season. Armstrong worst player on the park.
  7. Celtic hanging on. Boy missed a great chance in the first minute. Not created a great deal since but look a useful side.
  8. That was awful. Not sure what shape we were meant to he early on. But we barely had a shot at goal we must improve must sign a couple of players in jan As outwith out first 13 or so we are weak.
  9. It has never been ticket before. Ground has plenty of room.
  10. Fair point. I even joined in myself. Not quite 104 yet
  11. Davis did well today. Getting fitter every week.
  12. The youngsters made a fabulous atmosphere this afternoon at Inverness.
  13. Have watched the first 15 minutes of Dundee v rangers. Ladies sound good compared to this crap.
  14. Celtic need to get at least one centre half who can play at this level.both tonight have been poor. Take your point about PSG being excellent but Celtic make it easier for them with poor defending. Will be interesting to see PSG against the top sides as they can look dodgy at the back.
  15. Nene said I wanted Anderlecht to qualify. I am a parochial person. Always want my countrymen to win.
  16. Was not hoping for Anderlecht to win. I would rather a Scottish team won. Just thought they could struggle.
  17. Bayern ahead again. I was commentating on how fragile Celtic might be rather than how good Anderlecht might be.
  18. Anderlecht level. Could see Celtic bottle it if Anderlecht can put them out with a narrow win.
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