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  1. Because I cannot be arsed hanging about on a Saturday until a 5-15 klck off not to get back to Paisley until about 8-40 or 9 o'clock. Might suit some people not Me nothing to do with drink which you van have whenever you like. I like a 3.00 o'clock game on a Saturday. It will have s big effect on the crowd which is more dfcs problem thab ours
  2. Another day out ruined will just stay at home and watch it.
  3. Watch the football ya tossers
  4. Hope the boy gets an opportunity this year. Looks good. Quick and can take a man on.just needs to stay fit
  5. guinness


    Retired from international football at 29
  6. Scored for Aberdeen today at brechin
  7. Rangers have just been promoted. Would seem perverse to suddenly seed them. Sorry but it is s shite system we have so just get on with it
  8. Thought it was not as simple as that. Does it not have to be some sort of rail system which is very expensive.
  9. Seriously. I thought he would have got better. Is he coaching as well
  10. If you away to an under20s side it does not evev need to be at their ground
  11. As under 20s League Matches are free admission what will they charge to watch these wee boys?
  12. So if Elgin , say , were drawn away to South Wales somewhere, they would need their players to miss 2 days work and pay thousands in travel costs to play in front of a couple of hundred fans. Great economics.
  13. Sorry still use old terminology. Meant Championship/ 1st division. Old duffer not caught up with the new terms. Still call the Premiership the 1st Division. Still use Love Street instead of new name
  14. Entire career in 2nd or 3rd division. Cant say I am over enthusiastic. Hope I am wrong. No-one on here seems to remember him and we must have seen him. Cant have made much of an impression.
  15. Hamilton. Livingston. Ayr. Edinburgh city. Thriller
  16. Think that might be an error. One small crowd at a neutral venue rather that two reasonable crowds. Would Killie Falkirk have been at Ibrox or parkhead looking almost empty. Suppose they could use Motherwell or somewhere like that.
  17. I did not go on the pitch at Inverness as I was seething at our lack of professionalism and said at the game we were a cert to go straight back down
  18. Our local newsagent is handing out smisa leaflets in his shop and even putting them in with the papers they deliver. Every little helps
  19. Great day out.apart from one cloudburst st 3.30 weather was fine. Nice day . few pints burger. Good music.
  20. I have watched st mirren for over 50 years. I have never seen Gordon Scott and have no idea who he is.know he was a director once but I have never seen or heard him contribute to anything. Maybe my fault I read and listen to the wrong things
  21. Check midweek attendance's.would suggest majority do not want midweek football at all
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