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  1. It swerved a bit but he has got to save it.
  2. Celtic defending woeful. Do not think zenit are a great side but more confident than Celtic. As usual umpteen players booked for hee haw. Bad fouls let go bumps booked.
  3. Harvies lease up for grabs
  4. Barca with about 75% possesion but Chelsea look more likely to score
  5. Chelsea v barca standard incredible but becomes very dull after a while.
  6. Seriously it could have been 8 _1. We were rotten and they were very good. Web 1 up and the goalie made an absolute arse of himself and we never recovered. Worst display since Tommy Craig days. Hopefully a one off. Must beat brechin on sat.
  7. Referee started booking everyone. Let a lot go earlier now lost the plot
  8. If they could get another they have a chance in the tie. With their away record one probably not enough.
  9. I have no idea what managers are available world wide but that is what all these SFA committees are for. I think McLeish will probably do a decent job ,would just like to have seen the net spread wider.
  10. 0-0 h/t. Celtic been very but not scored. Probably come back to bite them.
  11. One bad experience should not put us off forever.
  12. Celtic started reasonably well. Zenit look a bit rusty.
  13. For once a goalie stood still and saved a penalty
  14. Baird makes many mistakes but his pace and bravery make him a first pick every week. Sign him up.
  15. Arsenal through. Probably just shaded it. Good game though.
  16. Iwobi could have killed the game. Good chance.
  17. 2 -1 arsenal. Bit of luck in build up but well finished.
  18. Commentators seem to want to use var as a way to ignore offsides and only check if a goal scored.
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