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  1. I don't know any of you personally but have the time of your lives tomorrow Buds. I'll never have been prouder when I see Thommo, Cheesy and co walk out at Hampden tomorrow. I hope this is the greatest day for our beloved football club.
  2. Must admit, the nerves are already starting to kick in and that's more than a week before the game. I think I'm more nervous about losing this one than the last one, which we weren't expected to get anywhere close to winning until certain things happened during the game. This time, there is a certain expectation, given that many think we are no worse than this Hearts team, and I believe we have a better squad as a whole. I'll be saying this for the next nine days, but please St Mirren, don't f**k this up!
  3. Isma voted Player of the Round in the Scottish Cup.
  4. More good news for us. No disrespect to Hearts but if we can't beat that team now, which is full of inexperience and average players, we deserve nothing.
  5. If we go on to win either cup he'll be a hero in my eyes as his goals played a vital part in getting us there. In fact, I'd suggest that without the signing of Isma, our season would currently be over.
  6. Get voting for this outstanding human being as player of the round for the Scottish Cup: apps.facebook.com/my-polls/kkyjx
  7. Peterhead (HMP) is more his level...
  8. I haven't watched - does Thommo talk about Rangers Sevco in it? That's most probably it.
  9. Agree, I think it's been a very productive transfer window - we've strengthened in two key areas and kept our left back. I still think the defence is a big weakness but if it can perform like it did on Sunday, we'll be OK.
  10. I'd let her rain on my parade...
  11. It seems fairly accurate and up to date, so according to this - http://www.myfootballfacts.com/Scottish_Premier_League_Top_Goalscorers.html - Thommo needs two more league goals to go joint-10th in the all-time SPL goalscorers chart; three to go joint-eighth; 13 to go seventh and 15 to go sixth along side Kenny Miller.
  12. SPL: 58 (1) appearances, 25 goals. Scottish Cup: 4 appearances, 1 goal. League Cup: 6 (1) appearances, 4 goals. TOTAL: 68 (2) apps, 30 goals. Pretty fecking good if you ask me.
  13. I had my suspicions, but he promised he wasn't cheating. Promised! Ahhh who am I kidding? I can't stay mad at him!
  14. I don't now why anyone is desperate to see Thommo become our manager. I want him on that pitch for as long as f**king possible!
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