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  1. Dunno bout that ? Apparently Shelley Kerr was interviewed for the St.Mirren job 😎🤭
  2. They’re not exactly setting the Heather on fire when it comes to racial diversity are they ? 🤷‍♂️
  3. Oh dear . Didn’t last long did it ? 😕
  4. I put this idea forward on another thread but it seemed to fall on deaf ears so let’s try it here on it’s own thread. Any chance we could have a WW1 trenches style Xmas truce ? How about we all agree to desist from trolling, abuse towards individuals, sniping & generally being an obnoxious Cnut for the festive period ? Let’s say we start from 10 minutes ago and try and hit midnight on Boxing Day without being dicks ? 🤷‍♂️. Who knows, if it works we might just get our forum back and have some proper debate / discussion 🙄
  5. Here’s a wee idea . How about we do a Xmas cease fire ? No stupid sniping and trolling , let’s say …..till midnight on Boxing Day ? 🤔 Let’s see if ( some of ) the forum members can act at least a bit grown up for 3 or 4 days . I won’t hold my breath 😣
  6. The prick of all pricks 😡 https://twitter.com/kelvmackenzie/status/1604941313769705472?s=20&t=kn8Z4QVmxAzZzdE3I4gZzQ
  7. Not a CEO but a Tory MP expressing sympathy for new MPs and their “struggle to manage” on £81 k p.a ( now it’s £84.4K) How on earth are there poor souls managing now with double the fuel bills , inflation in double figures and the cost of Chateauneuf du pape skyrocketing ? 🤷‍♂️ Why don’t the BBC scrap children in need and this year do something for our poor starving & destitute MPs . In fact , why don’t those greedy public sector workers stop whining and organise a Thursday night clap for them ? https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/tory-mp-describes-grim-struggle-of-living-on-82k-a-year-as-he-asks-for-raise/
  8. Dunno if it’s been posted already or if any of you gambling guys saw this one . 😂😂😂 https://sportsbrief.com/football/30440-fan-mistakenly-bets-argentina-win-rugby-world-cup/
  9. Saints tickets are also non refundable and non transferable . Seems a bit shit but that’s the terms 😕🤷‍♂️
  10. On a slight side note : Looking back at the Kenny McLean move, if reports are to believed , we got £300k from Dons for him , Dons got only a third of that when they sold him to Norwich 😳 Seems we’re not the only ones to let stars go for peanuts 🙄
  11. Seems to be gaining a bit of traction this one, I have to say I’m not aware of this lad but if it’s true, looking like Baccus & Erhahon are maybe busy booking flights. 😕
  12. I think the frustration with players moving to the likes of these two is driven by the fact we would be strengthening a competitor in our league. While the ugly sisters are always likely to win the league, our only chance of silverware and better league position is wins against the Hibs, Hearts , Dons of this world - don’t want to willingly help their cause . Yes they have more money and can probably double a players wages but I would rather see good players leaving us head south where we can chart their progress and be pleased for them - rather than watch them potentially flourish in Edinburgh or Aberdeen - perhaps at our expense .
  13. Oh Well , it was fun while it lasted 😔
  14. 1.You replied directly to my post with a statement about you being accused of being a rangers supporter. 2. It came up in conversation because we were having a bit of banter on a sales team call about the upcoming match . Why do you find that difficult to comprehend ? 🤷‍♂️
  15. Haud oan a minute ! I never mentioned you and my post was general - not aimed at anyone I particular and was not a reply to any post on here 🤷‍♂️ As for my comment about us being “bitter and unpatriotic ?” I have worked for English based companies for 40 years , have lots of really good and decent English colleagues and one of them who I consider a very good friend used those exact words during our Teams call on Friday morning !!!
  16. We are accused of being bitter and unpatriotic when we don’t support England in these events . Why would we support our bigger and let’s face it , far more successful neighbours when a sizeable section of them consistently patronise and belittle us ? There are Sevco fans on FB giving it “where were Scotland & Oireland” and “The Jocks didn’t even qualify “ I can’t understand Scots turning their back on the national team and supporting England ( and Ireland ) Wonder how many of these plastic paddies or artificial Anglos would support the other half of their rivalry simply because they come from the same city and they should get behind them ?
  17. Referee is getting it big time 😂
  18. He had a very good competition, there is no doubt about that . He had three substitute appearances and an hour against World class opposition In which he didn’t look out of place . I would say that any player needs to be able to maintain high standards through a season - not just 120 minutes or so of football. I hope he does go on and have a great career and I’m sure he will but I don’t think he is ready for a full season in the EPL If a top division club does come in for him , I’d think the first move would be a loan deal - hopefully to us for the remainder of the season.
  19. The sell on clause idea is great when you’re talking about a 20-21 year old who may have 2-3 moves in him …..IF he makes the grade down south. Much as Keanu is a smashing player , he will be 25 next year and unless he turns out to be a superstar is unlikely to be making many if any further multi million moves. I’d say we need to see some money now, perhaps with add ons for appearances and future international caps would be our best bet. A move to a decent ( & well off!) mid table championship side might be best outcome for us and the player. At this stage in his career progression I can’t see many EPL teams coming in for him and paying big money until he’s proved his worth at Championship level, and even then as I said, he will need to turn out to be a superstar to command a big fee.
  20. Well his mammy was pals with a wee Peruvian bear , maybe he knows someone?
  21. See they’re having to get the crown sized to fit on Charlie boys head . That’ll No be cheap 😬 Don’t suppose they’ll be using H Samuels for that job .
  22. 😂😂😂 whooooooossshhhhhh !! 😂😂😂
  23. You made an arse of yourself . 😂. You’ve got a big Beamer because you weren’t bright enough to realise it was a joke . As for my attitude to organised religion ? I’ve never hidden it - if folk want to believe In biblical fairytales that’s their prerogative but it won’t stop me having a laugh at their gullibility . God bless you , you poor wee soul 😂😂😂. Now off you trot - I’m sure you need to busy yourself with your stickle brick collection
  24. Would sir like his whoosh gift wrapped ? 🙄
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