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  1. Certainly not short of confidence is he ? 😮 looks like a fantastic prospect. unfortunately, given that he was virtually an ever present for Blackburn in the Championship last season I wouldn’t imagine Liverpool would let him go on loan to anyone below that level . ☹️
  2. I would imagine then that his two extra bodies might well be loan deals.
  3. Am I right in thinking we have no loan signings on board yet. ?
  4. Yup . A “well known” 🙄 family from Foxbar
  5. I thought we were the popular front ?
  6. Is that his mental age or the number of Bastard offspring he has around the country ?
  7. I still think Engerlund have the quality to beat DK ( hope I’m wrong) but The Italians will hopefully be too good for them . That said, would love to see Denmark skelp them both 🇩🇰⚽️
  8. What a brilliant game of football ⚽️ 👏👏👏
  9. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/25704/12349868/ross-county-suspend-football-operations-after-coroanvirus-outbreak
  10. Yep, I've highlighted the discrepency above. Yep , it’s a bloody muddle 🙄. Why do we always make things awkward ? If only we had brought on a “well respected” organisation to help improve the professionalism of our club and ensure better communication between club an fans. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Cool thanks for that I was on holiday with very limited Internet so couldn't register with future ticketing in the small window the club gave us. That is not what was said in today’s update .
  12. Treaty of Durham 😂. I hope we kept the receipt !!!
  13. It was photoshopped, fake as hell . 🙄
  14. He’s been to Barnsley before. I don’t understand why anyone would consider returning , mind you could be worse - could be Doncaster or Huddersfield 🤮
  15. Barnsley signed a young midfielder last year from Liverpool for £1.25 Million. I remember checking it out at the time simply cause of his name, Herbie Kane - in case he was the younger brother of Harry - but no relation. Just checked wiki , ( I know !) the young lad had never played a single league minute for ‘pool had been out on loan at Doncaster and Hull and has represented Engurland only at U17 level. If Ethan is to go, Hope the club either get a far higher figure than the £250k mentioned or tie in a very heavy sell on deal as with McGinn .
  16. It would appear we had already received the first batch of “skyview” strips . Loving the hi-tech approach to removing the sponsor logo. 😂
  17. Perfect timing 👋👋👋 https://www.heraldscotland.com/business_hq/19205623.flights-glasgow-resort-turkey-start-july/
  18. How original do you want to go ? Back to their Nazi party days or skip past that ? I can just imagine the captains armband 😬
  19. I’ve heard that if John McGinn moves to Man Utd, Digby Brown are due 25% of our 5% of Hibs 25% of Villas £50 million .
  20. More likely Mallan. He’s unlikely to pull on a Hibs shirt again .
  21. Me and the better half have both had Covid, have both had the two jabs, we’ve got our vaccination Certificates. Fingers crossed we will get our Holidays in Lanzarote in Sept. f**king hope so 🤞
  22. That’s a good sponsor to unveil, high profile company with Radio & TV advertising , suits both parties I’d say 👍👍
  23. Fed up to the back teeth with it. A virologist on Beeb 4 said last week we need to learn to live with it and can’t keep running down a rabbit hole with every new variant. Prof Hugh Pennington said similar ( paraphrasing here: we need to get back to normal now that majority are vaccinated) although some restrictions such as masks on public transport should remain for now. it’s time to get our lives back to something resembling normality .
  24. I can’t believe there are people who on one hand say they detest “ cheating diving bassas”yet are prepared to throw their support behind a team with Grealish and Sterling as key players 🤷‍♂️ Funny that ? You could easily get the impression they are simply mischief making trolls ……or idiots . I’m not sure which 🤔
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