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  1. Ah , my Bad 🙄. You have to access through main page to e-store and then the drop down menu . 👍 thanks for clearing that up for this numbskull
  2. Ta, So the strips are for sale on a different site with no link from the official site ? Is that right ? 🤷‍♂️
  3. Im wondering if they’ve decided to do just that. I can’t see them for sale on the Site .
  4. Why the f**k do we need propane gas ? https://sgl-ltd.co.uk/#/
  5. I wonder if there's a player named Covid that Jack will now try to sign. If so , would he have the No19 shirt ?
  6. Correct. I always buy that from my Local hardware store and tell them to just stick it on my bill.
  7. Why don’t the club try to get sponsorship from Duck Tape ? Will make it so much easier to cover the current sponsor when it goes tits up again .😂
  8. the very fact that Bawzil wasnt aware of Point #2 would mean they were shite at point #1 . The fact that they still haven’t announced his replacement far less him going, backs up that point #1 . As for his LinkedIn post still showing as GM at St.M. ? I think that tells us all we need to know about said individual. Btw, you do know LinkedIn profiles are put there by the individual concerned and are occasionally embellished 🙄 Right , I’m off to update my LinkedIn and tell the world I’ve been King of Siam for 10 years . I’m sure some gullible idiot will believe it .
  9. This could work 👍😎. 16 outfield players and no Keeper is the way to go.
  10. 1. Really ? Marketing and external relations ? Have you been paying attention this past year ? 😂 2. You are aware he was given the bullet for being f**king hopeless I take it ? 3. Does that include the work which couldn’t be completed in time and caused the “red zone” issues ? 4. can’t comment on that one as I’m not aware of what has happened ……. But I’d wager neither are you .
  11. Please no !! Don’t even joke about that 😬😂
  12. Well, now we can concentrate on the league 😎
  13. I think I’d be tempted to remove the Digby Brown logo carefully and have a “sky-view strip “. Who knows , in years to come these limited editions might be worth a Bob or two 🤔😎
  14. Is your Chrome up to date? If not , I can thoroughly recommend these guys. Top notch 👍
  15. The issues with the generator etc go back years . We have had the same CEO for 6 years. Legend an all that but ……….😖
  16. And opposition staff members , and press, and various others dotted about the stand 😡
  17. Hardly mighty . Lower league player - championship at best .
  18. Wonder if he had a tenner on himself to be gone before September ? 🤔
  19. Thought the lad Offord up front & McMaster (no6) stood out for me. Jack’s goal was a cracker and Urminsky looks dominant and confident . Still a very young team , be interesting to see how they develop as players. Would be nice if the Club gave us more info on the reserve / youth / U 21s or whatever we call them these days. Virtually nothing on the OS and seemed like the match day info yesterday was a bit of an afterthought. Maybe they’ll take a bit more interest now.
  20. I simply replied to your comment about their goal coming all down our left hand side, which it obviously didn’t . Indeed Cummings wasn’t even in our left hand side of defence. He ran through the middle and scored from virtually the penalty spot .
  21. That’s a very good point , in the half season Brophy and Stewart played together Brophy netted 9 goals ( Stewart Got 8 ) . When Stewart loan ended , Brophy only scored another 3 goals….. two of them from the penalty spot .!
  22. No it wasn’t. It was down our right and crossed into the middle for Cummings.
  23. Nope. Not for me 👎 Two games on same pitch on a rainy day would destroy the pitch pretty damn quick .
  24. You’d have thought we might have updated the picture ?! 🙄
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